Josh Donaldson
Just off the injured list, Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson warms up for his start Friday night at Dodger Stadium.AP

New York Yankees third baseman, Josh Donaldson, returned to the lineup last weekend after struggling with a hamstring injury. His 2023 campaign lasted only five games as he pulled up his hamstring and made his way to the injury list. The 37-year-old struggled with recovery and also dealt with multiple setbacks in the rehab program.

Not only that, the Yankees initially assigned him a rehab assignment with Double-A Somerset. But the infielder reported back negatively, and the team extended his IL stint accordingly. Further, he sliced his thumb at home, which again delayed his return for a week. Fortunately, the baseman was able to return last week and has been on absolute fire.


Josh Donaldson Displays High-Level Game Awareness With Impressive Defensive Play

Josh Donaldson
New York Yankees’ Josh Donaldson runs the bases after his solo home run off Detroit Tigers pitcher Spencer Turnbull during the fourth inning of a spring training baseball game Tuesday, March 21, 2023, in Tampa, Fla. Donaldson will start a minor league injury rehabilitation assignment on Thursday, May 25, 2023. Slugger Giancarlo Stanton could begin one as soon as this weekend.Chris O’Meara/AP

A lot is at stake this season for 37-year-old veteran Josh Donaldson. He remains on the last stretch of his career, and his form dipped to an all-time low last year with the Yankees. Yet the team gave him a second and final chance to prove himself. After initial hiccups and an awful lot of injury issues, the infielder made a comeback last weekend and played the series against the LA Dodgers. He seemed to have regained some form as he hit three home runs in the past three games. Moreover, Donaldson is making a difference in the defense as well.

Last week on Friday, Josh Donaldson resumed his duties at the third base for the Yankees. However, he struggled with the Pitchcom device installed in his cap and was constantly trying to fix it. For a little context, along with the pitcher and the catcher, infielders are also allowed to wear Pitchcom devices to understand the pitch coming their way so that they can properly position themselves. In Donaldson’s case, it seemed like his device was malfunctioning as he tried to fix it. Just then, a grounder from Eloy Jiménez came towards Josh at the speed of 103.9 mph. The infielder spotted it just in the nick of time and dropped his hat to the ground to complete the play. Despite the late reaction, Josh was able to smoothly execute the play which impressed the fans and the analysts alike.

How Real Is Josh Donaldson’s Resurgence? What Does It Mean For The Yankees?

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Yankees infielder Josh Donaldson has shown early signs of a resurgence in the first three games post his return. He slammed three home runs in three games. But how real is this resurgence? And can the Yankees still keep faith in his abilities? Undoubtedly, the age factor remains the elephant of the room, hard to ignore. The age thing is taking a toll on his overall health. Hence, the team cannot be fully certain if Josh will be available for the whole season.

That being said, Josh Donaldson’s resurgence is crucial for the Yankees, even if it doesn’t last long. The team will miss the services of its captain, Aaron Judge, for a few weeks. Hence, the Yankees need as many hands available at the deck for offensive production. Hence, even if Josh Donaldson continues to contribute for an additional few weeks, the Yankees would not mind it at all.