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To overshadow Aaron Judge in the Bronx seemed a near-impossible task until this off-season. Right after New York Yankees traded generational star Juan Soto, pundits anticipated him hogging all the limelight. And that’s exactly how things unfolded in the Yank’s home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday.

In New York Yankees 3-0 loss against the Blue Jays, Juan Soto’s bat largely stayed quiet. Regardless, the fans ensured Soto walked up to a rousing reception. And with free agency looming, the fans’ support played a huge role. After the game, Captain Aaron Judge opened up on Soto’s home debut and revealed whether he was making efforts to get Soto into staying in New York.


Aaron Judge Confirms Not Having Any Contract Conversation With Juan Soto!


On a shaky Friday morning, the New York Yankees made their home debut against Toronto Blue Jays at the iconic Yankee stadium. An earthquake of 4.8 magnitude hit the city hours before the game. Regardless, the match proceeded as scheduled, with generational star Juan Soto making his debut in pinstripes. As soon as Soto walked into outfield, he got his first roll call, and the slugger responded with a hats off gesture. Despite an underwhelming show on the plate, Soto enjoyed his time in the Bronx with fans rallying behind his back all the time. Needless to say, the fans ensured the generational talent had the best experience of his life, and perhaps the support would lead to him changing his mind about free agency.

Juan Soto is poised to test free agency waters next season. While the fans have left no stone unturned in giving the best experience to Soto, captain Aaron Judge has yet to make an effort. After a 3-0 loss to the Jays, Judge told the media that he hadn’t had any discussions related to a contract extension with Soto thus far. “He’s going to make the right decision for himself and his family,” said Judge. The captain added that Juan Soto is a grown-up, and if he wants to be here, he’ll stay no matter what. But if his heart is somewhere else, no force on earth can stop him from entering free agency. Therefore, Aaron Judge’s focus is to ensure Soto has the best season in pinstripes, which will, in turn, help the Yankees win some games in crunch moments.

“It’s All Love,” Soto Explains Idea Behind Roll-Call Gesture!

Juan Soto
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Juan Soto answered his first roll call at Yankee Stadium with a heartwarming gesture. When asked about the idea behind the gesture, Soto said, “It’s all love from them to me and from me to them.” Further elaborating on his pinstripe debut experience, Soto said he was excited to see fans turn up in large numbers.

For him, being a part of an esteemed organization with a rich history is a great feeling. However, Juan Soto was gutted with his lackluster performance. He wanted to return the fans’ love by helping the team get some runs on board. But sadly, it didn’t click, and it made him mad. “And at the end of the day, that’s my fault, shouldn’t do that, but things happen,” said Soto.

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