Hamilton Not Participate In Canadian GP After Mercedes\’ Experimental Disaster On Friday In Montreal?

Lewis Hamilton

Having a tough Friday has become a regularity for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes in the 2022 F1 championship. The seven-time world champion struggled yet again with his W13 during the Friday sessions in Montreal ahead of the Candian Grand Prix. The Silver Arrows opted for an experimental Friday as they hoped to find the solution to their long-troubling porpoising/bouncing issue. However, Lewis revealed that all the setups and changes turned out to be a disaster for the German racing team. The Briton finished P8 in FP1 while running a new floor with a different cutout on his W13 to counter the bouncing issues. But, it looked like the floor did not work out as the Mercedes driver put up a disappointing P13 in FP2, about 1.3s behind Max Verstappen\’s set time. 

Hamilton has achieved a great deal of success as he has won seven races at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. It is one of the favorite tracks of the Briton in this year\’s calendar. However, Hamilton was not happy about how things turned out for his team on Friday. Talking about his day, the Mercedes driver said it was pretty much like every Friday for his team. The Silver Arrows tried different things, and Hamilton also ran with an experimental floor which did not work out. 


The Briton further shared that everything Mercedes have done on the car has not worked. So, they tried various setups. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton revealed that he and George went out on different setups in P2 to find out which one worked out better. He added, \”I\’ll wait to hear how it felt for him, but for me, it was a disaster.\”

The British racer said that his W13 was getting worse, and it felt like the car was getting increasingly unhappy with everything the team had done. Hamilton added that this team would continue to improve the car for the year, toughen it out, and work harder on building a better car next season.

Hamilton Felt Like He Was On A Different Montreal Track

The Briton shared that it was not the Montreal that he knew, was used to, and had experienced in his career. Lewis felt worse than he had ever in Montreal in any car. But, the Mercedes driver hoped that his team could try and make overnight changes. In addition, Lewis told, \”But fundamentally, it\’s just the fundamentals of the car. It is what it is. It\’s going to be a struggle.\”


Hamilton also mentioned that being in the W13 was a monumental fight to keep the car out of the wall. Because the bouncing leads to the car leaving the ground a lot. Moreover, he added that when the car lands, it grips up, causing the W13 to go in different directions. Lewis said, \”You\’re just trying to catch a car that jumps, hops, grips, hops, grips.\”

The 37-year-old disclosed that raising the W13\’s height did not make a difference. The Silver Arrows have tried different things and have ticked them all off. Thus, Hamilton believed that Mercedes would have to find something else.

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