LeBron James
LeBron James

A recent tweet by LeBron James has led to intense criticism from the enraged Golden State Warriors fans. James and the Los Angeles Lakers failed to make it to the playoffs and were eliminated during the regular season. The King is currently vacationing in Cancun and actively sharing his thoughts about the playoffs on Twitter. LeBron has missed the playoffs for the third time during his 19-season-long career.

As per the Warrior fans, LeBron James intentionally cursed the Golden State team by praising them on Twitter. It is believed that every time James praises a team, they end up losing the match. The same thing happened recently when LeBron praised Jordan Poole during the Warriors\’ game against Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday. James was watching the match, and Jordan Poole was in action on the court. He was performing well as LeBron tweeted, \”J pool got so much wiggle. Game!\”

LeBron James

Unfortunately, the Warriors started to lose their way soon after and ended up losing to Memphis by 101-106. Earlier in April, James praised Tyronn Lue and the LA Clippers during the play-in tournament. Unfortunately, the Clippers lost the game against the New Orleans Pelicans by 101-105. Moreover, the Golden State supporters feel that James did it on purpose due to his old rivalry with the franchise.

LeBron James Vs. The Golden State Warriors:

LeBron James has an amazing record against the Golden State while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. King James led the Cavaliers to win the NBA finals against the Warriors in 2016. He scored 29.7 points per game during the 2016 Finals. Moreover, LeBron performed outstandingly during the four finals games after Cleveland was down by 1-3. He also put up around nine assists and eleven rebounds per game which was the highest among both the teams. The Cavaliers made an epic comeback and defeated Golden State by 4-4 to lift the 2016 NBA title.


However, the Warriors beat the Cavaliers in the finals of 2015, 2017, and 2018. LeBron scored the highest points and assists per game in all the final series games. However, he could not avoid the disastrous loss in three out of four finals against the Golden State. The Warriors had the likes of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Kevin Durant during the period. Thus, James certainly has some old beef with the Warriors, and the fans believe he jinxed them on purpose on Wednesday.

Fans React To LeBron James\’ Tweet:

Jordan Poole and the Warriors were in the lead during the match\’s early stages. However, Memphis made a strong comeback in a closely fought match and ended up on top. Fans got pretty upset after the loss and blamed LeBron James for cursing the Warriors. One of the fans commented, \”He is doing this s**t on purpose.\”


Another Warriors fan shared, \”LeBron tweeting about us. It\’s over knowing his track record.\” Moreover, a pissed fan said that \”Bro\” was trying to jinx the Warriors and requested King James to stop. The fans were utterly disappointed by Golden State\’s recent loss, and they found a reason to blame LeBron James for it.

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