George Russell

In Formula One, so far, approx 45 drivers have died due to the incidents that took place on the track. Whether it is by crashing with other cars or by the engine explosion or the car crashing with the barriers, the drivers’ lives are always put at risk. These safety issues of Formula One are once again highlighted as Mercedes driver George Russell comes out to raise his voice against the F1 cars’ overweight rules. After the end of the turbo hybrid era, the new ground effect car rules launched in the 2022 season for the first time brought the heaviest F1 car by Alfa Romeo.

In the entire F1 championship history, the 798kg car weight limit was introduced. This is the heaviest, which goes 3 kg above the minimum weight target. However, the limit was increased in 2022 to help the teams solve their porpoising issues. At present, the standard parts for cars are coming heavier, so increasing the limit was considered necessary by FIA.

George Russell
George Russell

Meanwhile, several drivers suggested the overweight of the cars to be a big problem they faced while racing. The excess weight of the F1 cars indeed helps in high speed in terms of increasing the aerodynamic surfaces. But the understeering problems that came with it were high enough to be exacerbated by Pirelli’s 2022 front tyre design.

“Formula One Crossing Limits In Terms Of Launching New Rules, Claimed By George Russell”

Besides, the Mercedes newcomer George Russell came out to count the advantages and disadvantages of the new regulations launched last year. He said, “The biggest issue is the weight. The car’s weight is extraordinary. And at the moment, the low-speed performance is not great.” Russell, who is the director of the F1 Grand Prix drivers association, believes that FIA may keep trying to make the cars safer and safer. But the heavier you make it, the more dangerous it becomes.

Mercedes driver George Russell
Mercedes driver George Russell

Speaking with, Geroge Russell explained the impact of the crashes that comes with increasing weight. He stated, “When you get an impact, it is like crashing with a bus compared to a Smart car.” He compared the old F1 cars that were made of around 650 kg to the recent cars that weigh 800-odd kg.

Obviously, the impact of the present, heavy cars will be more dangerous than the old ones. Russell believes that FIA is just trying to make the car stronger and stronger by making it heavier and heavier. But they forget a very important fact, ‘too much of everything is bad. “When you cross over the [too much] line, that too heavy will not be found safe,” said the Mercedes driver.

Drivers Die Due To The Inappropriate F1 Cars Under the Safety Rules.

As a matter of fact, thirty-two deaths out of the total number of F1 drivers who have died to date have occurred at the official World Championship Grand Prix races. Not to mention, all of them died because the cars were dangerous. Some crashed too badly to die, and some exploded to death. One of the most heart-wrenching races of Formula One includes the death of the legendary Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna who died at the San Marino Grand Prix.

F1 Cars- Ayrton Senna Death

In the tragedy, we lost the four-time world champion Senna and also the Austrian driver Roland Ratzenberger. These two deaths were probably enough for FIA to wake up and implement safety protocols. Now, if the car’s weight is a safety concern, then FIA must look after it before another driver dies.

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