Lewis Hamilton Asking For Changes In The Grand Prix Driver\’s Associates, Jackie Stewart Also Compelled

Lewis Hamilton

Currently, the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix winner, George Russell, is the head of the Grand Prix Driver\’s Associates of Formula One. And former driver Jackie Stewart believes that the designation should receive more power. These agree with the comments released by Lewis Hamilton previously. The role of GDPA is too less than what it should be in Formula One, as believed by the three-time world champion. He demands a change in the system. Stewarts asks for a \”more influenced\” role in the decisions that are made by the role.

In an interview with Express Sport, Stewart called out to the Formula One bosses to relieve more power to the Grand Prix Driver\’s associates. He said, \”I was also the president of the Grand Prix Driver\’s Association. Then, the GPDA was much more powerful than it is in today\’s times. And this is wrong\”.

Jackie Steward

He added that the GPDAs are having comparatively less influence on the team these days than how they used to previously. Going back in history, one must know that the Grand Prix Drivers Association was first introduced in Formula One in 1961. This helped to improve the safety standards in F1. However, it faced several boycotts, too, from time to time. In the 1969 Belgian Grand Prix and in the 1970 German GP, GPDA was famous in terms of abolishment.

Jackie Stewarts Shares The Same Thoughts As Lewis Hamilton On Grand Prix DA

The organization of the GDPA faced several other boycotts after it was blamed for instigating the driver\’s strike in the South African GP of 1982. However, it was reformed after the death of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna in the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Recently, the Formula One seven-time world champion was found to speak on the matter. He wanted to have the GPDA\’s involvement on a larger basis in decision-making. Lewis Hamilton said, \”We have a responsibility with a great platform. Each and every one of us collectively has the responsibility. And there are a lot of things that F1 has to push forward on action-wise\”.

Lewis Hamilton

The Mercedes star believes that even though it says that the Grand Prix DA has more involvement and they do a lot of things sustainability. But one needs to be sure if they are playing a significant role. According to Hamilton, one needs to be sure about the absolute best role the GPDA can play is actually playing or not?

Whenever FIA makes changes in the regulations, the drivers face the consequences. If the decision-making involves the GPDA in it, the drivers will definitely have a stand. To overhaul Formula One, the drivers should have more sayings in designing the rule changes.

This year FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem decided to end the turbo hybrid era. He launched new regulations of the ground floor effects. This caused the teams, especially Mercedes, to face porpoising issues. Lewis Hamilton ad Jackie Stewarts want the F1 bosses to ask for Grand Prix Driver\’s Associates more involved in the decision-making.

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