The RB18’s weight is something Red Bull Racing is working to reduce. They accomplish this by constructing new, lighter monocoques. The primary goal is to weigh more similarly to the Ferrari F1-75. The goal weight for the car appears to be ideal. However, a release date for the new monocoque is still pending.

Red Bull is around seven kg overweight, claims Auto, Motor und Sport. In comparison, 798 kilos is the minimum weight. That weight was still 795 kg earlier this season. However, teams contended that the increase was necessary because everyone but Alfa Romeo was significantly heavier than the requirement. A double-digit rise was what Red Bull and Mercedes had hoped for, but the FIA did not act.

Red Bull has been putting in a lot of effort all season to approach the required weight. The Christian Horner squad believes Ferrari is the team that is the closest to meeting that minimum. He also anticipates that they will gain two to three-tenths of a second once their weight is under control. A new, lighter monocoque should make this possible. The new monocoque for the Austrian team must pass a crash test before it can be used, according to the FIA. The launch date of the new monocoque is therefore unknown.

How Much Did The Changes Cost? 

Costs will increase as a result of the adjustments. It would require the construction of about three new chassis, each costing €2 million. The budget ceiling must also be considered. However, even with those factors, the investment is still feasible because of the allowance for inflation. How Red Bull will handle the finances, though, is still a mystery.

Additionally, the FIA is not making it any simpler for Red Bull to discontinue the RB18. The FIA technical crew will start examining the structural mobility of the floors more rigorously after the Belgian Grand Prix. The Austrian racing team and Ferrari might have been able to make the car lighter as a result. The sturdier underside will likely result in more weight for some teams.

How Much Is Red Bull Paying Verstappen?

Max Verstappen’s five-year agreement, which is reportedly worth $55 million a year, will bring him even with Lewis Hamilton’s rumored salary at Mercedes. The Formula One driver with the longest current contract is the Dutchman himself. Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc both signed contracts tying them to their respective teams through the end of 2025, while Charles Leclerc inked one in 2019, keeping him at Ferrari through the end of 2024.

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