The epic rivalry between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc has been going on for years. And it is one of the most fascinating ones in Formula One. This week, one of the most recognizable circuits in Formula 1 welcomes back the competition. Although the conclusion of the world championship contests in 2022 will be decided by the Grand Prix’s first nine races. In the past, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen competed for karting victories numerous times. In Formula 1 this season, where the respect between the two guys is evident, they are competing against one another for the title once again.

More Tensions Between Charles Leclerc And Max Verstappen?

Charles Leclerc is the greatest rival to Max Verstappen for the world championship in 2022. Although the two drivers were somewhat closely matched for most of the season’s first half, data reveal that the two win races in various ways. Leclerc had a solid start to the season, but Verstappen emerged as the winner. The Dutchman now feels at ease as the second half of the season begins, thanks to an 80-point advantage he had over the Ferrari driver during the summer break.

Talking about the rivalry, Charles Leclerc said, “There is a lot of mutual respect, which is nice to see,” he told the outlet. “But when there are only five races to go, and we are close together in the championship, it is inevitable that there will be more tension.” Prior to the summer break, Max had already won eight times, while his nearest challenger Leclerc had only had three rounds. As he attempts to defend his championship, Max Verstappen enters the Spa-Francorchamps restart with a commanding 80-point lead.

Can Leclrec Make A Come Back?

The driver who has the most pole positions overall is generally the season’s early front-runner. Although Charles Leclerc has been quick in 2022, his title challenge is in jeopardy if it hasn’t already. The table below shows how terrible Leclerc’s performance has been since his engine exploded at the Spanish GP in May. Verstappen took advantage of the situation and increased his advantage to 80 points as August approached.

Red Bull and Ferrari differ in that they have made more mistakes than they have been faster overall. When it comes to mistakes in strategy and driving, Verstappen and Red Bull have nearly perfect records. More reliability issues have also plagued Leclerc and Ferrari, who have been more than sloppy. 

In Formula One, significant point swings may occur very fast. After three races earlier this year, Verstappen trailed Leclerc by 46 points. But Leclerc would need a flawless run between now and the rest of the season to build a title push from here. And the next race that must be won by Charles Leclerc is the Belgian Grand Prix.

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