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George Russell Erases Fans’ Hopes Even Before The Anticipated Mercedes’ Upgrade Package For Imola Comes In Motion

The avid Mercedes fans are waiting for the major upgrade of the W14 in hopes of seeing a performance boost. But after listening to what their driver George Russell is saying, all hopes are likely to shatter once again by the Brackley factory. Apparently, he is sure that things are going in the right direction. But the Briton made it clear that “It [the upgrade] will not transform things.” Although he is also hoping for a miracle to take place!

Mercedes, the once-dominating Formula One team, which never failed to raise fans’ expectations a few years back, is trying to keep the benchmark low today. Since 2022 the team has secured just a solitary win with the courtesy of their new driver George Russell’s beginner’s luck, maybe. However, speaking of the improvements, the Brackley squad managed to pull out the roots of the porpoising issues of the car. The W14, which was supposed to be a revolution of the W13, is nothing but another version of the worst car the Silver Arrows has ever produced. It lacks downforce and has no pace in the straights; its aerodynamic parts are weaker than all the major teams. Evidently, five races have been held so far, and Mercedes could make just one podium with Lewis Hamilton‘s second finish in the Australian Grand Prix.

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Mercedes W14 in the Miami Grand Prix

The last day in Miami remained a lackluster day for the German manufacturers. Hamilton finished sixth, while Russell failed to beat Fernando Alonso, settling at P4. However, there comes a question, should we expect this vulnerable performance of Mercedes to get better after the much-anticipated upgrade in Imola? Team Principal Toto Wolff already answered, “No, you should not.” And now, George Russell emerged to insist not to hope for a “transformation” in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

“We Finished 30 Seconds Behind Max Verstappen” George Russell Has No Hopes From The Upgrades

It has been a while since Mercedes made insane overtakes,” recently, George Russell acknowledged the fact after the Miami GP. And he indeed told the truth. Not only where Mercedes make overtakes stick, but also a good race that fans desire has been absent for so long in the paddock. In an interview after the Miami Grand Prix, Russell confronted about his experience with the W14 in the Miami International Autodrome. He admitted, “Relatively speaking, the pace of the car was somehow strong.” Russell felt good, and it was a satisfying drive. However, the dream to finish a three position higher remained unfulfilled. And currently, as we all know, a P4 is only the maximum that Mercedes could achieve. Overall, it was a good day, even at the office, where the team planned to have an improved performance.

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George Russell Fails to give false hopes to fans

Meanwhile, speaking about the level of EXPECTATIONS you must keep from Mercedes from the Imola Grand Prix, Russell said, “Remember that we finished 30 seconds behind Red Bull.” Not only are Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez a benchmark that Mercedes W14 can’t reach, but also Fernando Alonso is working as the biggest obstacle between George Russell and the podiums.

The 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix winner is sad that he still is unable to predict the W14 car. But it is a little happy news, too, as this unpredictability keeps room for exceeding expectations in the next race. However, “it is going to be a long journey,” asserted George Russell, who does not want to go to people and say, “We are half a second quicker” here. Mercedes is establishing a new baseline.