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Priyanshu Raidas

“Kick In The Gut,” Lewis Hamilton Feeling Lost After Another Disappointing Performance From The Mercedes Car

Apparently, Formula One is the motorsport that is harsh on every driver. It does not matter, even if you are the seven-time world champion in the sport. The ruthless competition and cutting-edge technology are dear to no one, making the sport unpredictable. Lewis Hamilton is still struggling with his car, as it was clearly visible yesterday. The start of the Miami Grand Prix practice run has not been very fruitful for the Mercedes drivers. After the race, he also admitted that it was “difficult to take,” describing his emotions about the race.

The two drivers have been struggling their war with cars that are not fulfilling the potential that the drivers hold. It is obvious that Hamilton and George Russell are much better drivers any day, given a better car. But the Mercedes’ engineers have failed to deliver the excellence and the standards required to win or at least keep par with Red Bull. As a result, the drivers have now fallen from competing at the top order to midfield. Russell even came 15th in the Miami practice race, which would have been personally disappointing. But Lewis keeps his head high and trusts his team for the upcoming season.


Lewis Hamilton Is Not Happy But Optimistic

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The 38-year-old has had an incredible career in the last decade, where he managed to win everything with Mercedes. However, the same team does not have the championship pedigree anymore, which is causing Hamilton his precious few years in the sport. He still holds the ability to steer a winning car condition, being he has a car of that potential. It would be getting frustrating for the British driver, but he does not lose hope in the Mercedes. Even after a lackluster performance in Miami, he remains optimistic about the qualification on Saturday.

The Practice GP began well for the Mercedes drivers, but it soon went downhill in the second practice. Lewis described this downgrade as a “Kick in the gut.” Undoubtedly, the Silver Arrows drivers always expect better from the technical team. But they have disappointed them time and time again since the start of the season.

While describing his problem with the car, he said that everything was better in the first practice. However, problems arose in the second practice, which cost them their position on the track. The particular problem that Hamilton is facing is the overheating of the tires. He also added that the car was much better in Melbourne.

Mercedes Uncertain About Miami GP Qualification

Lewis Hamilton. Source - Mototsports.com

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell completed an astonishing first practice and surprised everyone with a 1-2 finish. However, the Mercedes was back again with their true colors when Hamilton finished 5th, and Russell ended up way back on 15th. Indeed, a poor result could not be blamed on the drivers because of their badly constructed cars this year.

Moreover, Hamilton’s frustration was a visible one even if he did not say much in anger in the media. But he did hint that he has low hopes for qualification. And like a helpless toddler, he wishes the technical team would provide them with better upgrades.