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“It’s Always An Honor,” Klay Thompson Shares His Thoughts On Being Up Against Lakers’ LeBron James In Playoffs

The Los Angeles Lakers have finally managed to set their foot inside the postseason even after a bad start to the season. A start so terrible that their own fans did not believe that their team would go much further in the NBA this year. However, instead of losing hope, Head Coach Darvin Ham and the two-star players took a challenge to conquer. Cut to the end of the regular season. The Lakers are playing the former champions Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference’s semifinals. An incredible journey with an incredible amount of effort from the coaches and the players.

The competition between the two sides has been on a level so far. Both teams have managed to pull one over each other in the starting two games of the series. The Lakers have an away game advantage as they pull the winner in the series’ first game. The Warriors will now travel to the Crypto Arena to play game 3 and game 4 of the series in Los Angeles. The champions were formidable in the second game and will look to end the Lakers’ advantage at Crypto. Meanwhile, the purple and gold also prepare for the Warriors by mixing up some things in their game plan.


Klay Thompson Shared His Opinion On LeBron James Led Lakers

LeBron James and Klay Thompson. (Lakers Vs Warriors) Source - sportskeeda

There is no doubt that the upcoming remaining games of the series are going to be a delight for basketball fans. A clash of superstars who have proven to be the best among others in the last few years of NBA seasons is not the one to miss. The two modern legends going against each other will become a rare sight once LeBron James retires. Moreover, the Warriors side also has a rich history of playing against the Akron Hammer. From 2015-2018 LeBron and the Warriors constantly shared the final stage for four years. The Warriors always had the upper edge winning three out of the four titles in that time gap.

Although King James lost on more occasions against the Warriors, he won the respect of the Warriors player Klay Thompson. He is a star guard on the Warriors’ side who has been with them for a long time. The point guard shared a candid thought about James in the post-game interview. He said that he still can’t believe that LeBron plays for LA looking at their history with Cavs. Moreover, he also praised the big man for being one of the special players who bring out the best in all the players on the court.

Klay also said facing the Lakers would be challenging considering the star-studded team. He said they made a good decision to add the roster with players complimenting James on the court. The Lakers squad is now better and more profound than ever, making them competitive. But he also said that Klay and the Warriors are ready for the challenge.