LeBron James
LeBron James Falls Down Mysteriously In Lakers-Warriors Game 2. Source: NBCSports

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers both took a fall in game 2 of the Western Conference semifinal series. Like the purple and gold set the tone in the first game of the playoffs series, they did the same here. The former champions won the first game of the series on the road to assert their dominance. However, the Warriors were quick to respond in Game 2, where they had to win to keep themselves alive in the series. Two continuous losses would have meant digging a deep hole which would have been challenging to turn around.

Apart from the game itself, another incident caught the public’s eye during the game. The 38-year-old fell on the wooden court of Chase Center on his own without any force from another player. The fans have taken the clips of him to social media, where they are asking various questions regarding his fall. Similar to James, his team also found it hard to stand their ground against the relentless Warriors team who ate them alive. Keep reading to know what actually happened to LeBron James and his team in game 2.


The Mysterious Fall Of LeBron James

It is a rare incident to see any player fall on the court without any possible reason, especially in a professional setting. The clip quickly became a matter of a laugh, but James was in pain when he got up. The incident occurred in the second quarter’s last moments, just before the half. He was running back to defense, and the Warriors wanted to squeeze one last shot before the end of the quarter. They threw a long ball from defense to offense which Rui Hachimura deflected toward LeBron James. But instead of catching the ball, he caught the ground.

Rui Hachimura and Dennis Schroder were quick to lift the big man up, but he got up in pain and slowly moved toward the locker room. Meanwhile, the Lakers have still not declared anything about his injury out in the open. They will hope it will be just a simple fall because he tripped or slipped.


Following the incident, the Lakers had a tough time containing their championship-winning pedigree contenders. The struggle was clearly visible as LA could not get going in the attacking half. Anthony Davis had a decent game with 34 points with 11-26 shooting on the night. LeBron James, on the other hand, only whispered only 19 points on the night when he was fairly quiet.

Who Is The Best Player On The Team?

Following game 1 of the series, where Anthony Davis demolished the Warriors, everyone believed he was the best in LA. However, Shanon Sharpe has a different opinion which he shared on his show ‘Undisputed with Skip and Shanon.’ He believes that Anthony Davis is the most important, whereas LeBron James is the best.

Klay Thompson Lakers
Klay Thompson (Warriors) in Game 2 Against the Lakers. Source: Sportingnews

According to Shanon, Anthony has displayed many patches of the inconsistent game, which has caused damage to the team. But LeBron James has been on the task whenever his team requires him. Therefore the 38-year-old is still the best in purple and gold for Shanon Sharpe.