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Captain Aaron Judge Claims Aaron Boone Exaggerated His Hip Issue! Pissed With Yankees Recent Actions

Despite the equally expensive and the best rosters among others, the Yankees are sadly at the last position in the American Major Leagues. They are barely winning the series games, having only 17 wins and 15 losses. Disappointments occur every time the Yankees come to the field this year so far. Fans are not asking for reasons for the team’s lackluster performance. Perhaps because they know it’s the injuries that never stayed away from the Bronx Bombers. But is this the only reason? Well, Captain Aaron Judge does not think so. Rather than the healthy players, the Yankees lack management!

Aaron Judge got a sprain in the right hip last Monday and has been sent to the ten days injured list. And this all happened without consulting him. Judge is the captain of the team, hence should have been at least asked if he is comfortable going into the list. On Tuesday, the Yankees made a 4-2 victory defeating the Cleveland Guardians. After this surprising win, everyone expected a happy response from the captain of the team, who was watching the match from a hospital bed. He was happy and proud indeed. But Judge was equally annoyed with the fact that the Yankees managers did not even ask him if he wanted to go on the injured list or not.

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Aaron Judge getting injured on the field

Managers Just Exaggerated Things, Aaron Judge Not Happy With Him Getting On The Injured List

Speaking with the Yes Network, Judge outbursted a bit. As he stated, “I am not yet happy with the decision.” Judge even admitted that he wants to play on the field very soon. The Cap mentioned that the “Batting feels great,” but he feels a little pain in throwing. However, it is not something unexpected. The 62-homer star has gone through these pains over 100 times during his baseball career. For the little pain he was included in the injured player’s list, Aaron thinks the managers “exaggerated” it unnecessarily.

Nevertheless, the Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, who is getting criticized for the exaggerated concern he showed toward Aaron Judge without even consulting him, is not trying to make things correct. He is still being precautious to the current MVP of the young circuit. It may cost them some of the upcoming games.

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Aaron Judge (Getty Images)

Aaron Judge is the captain of the team, and he must get the opportunity to choose if he himself wants to play or not. Maybe he would have agreed to the decision, but it is about rights, right? So far in the season, the record-breaker player has done a good job posting .261/.352/.511. He has made six home runs, promoting 14 runs. But this score is just ordinary. In order to match his standard to become extraordinary, he must raise the level. He is expected to become a helping hand for his teammates who are dying to secure more!