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Aaron Boone Faces Fans Wrath As Another Bullpen Decision Backfires For The Yankees

New York Yankees finally ended their series losing streak on Wednesday by winning the rubber game against the Cleveland Guardians. The game got pushed into the 10th innings as the scores stayed level 3-3 at the end of the ninth inning. Despite leading by 3-2 before the start of the ninth, the Yankees gave away their lead in the most obnoxious fashion as manager Aaron Boone made a move that backfired pretty badly.

Fortunately, Jose Trevino came off the bench to score the tie breaker and took the team home with a comfortable win. However, an unusual bullpen change almost cost the Yankees the game, and fans in the stadium couldn’t help but call out the manager, Aaron Boone, for the same. Boone, a second-time offender, faced the heat as fans who wouldn’t let him off the hook this time around.


Aaron Boone Booed For The Second Time In A Row Over Controversial Bullpen Change

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On Monday, the New York Yankees registered a shocking loss against the Guardians after giving away the lead in the ninth inning, courtesy to Clay Holmes. Aaron Boone, the manager, pulled out Domingo German, who looked poised to record one of his best career figures and replaced him with reliever Holmes. Holmes had a terrible night as he cost the Yankees a game by giving away three runs in the final inning. Aaron Boone received harsh criticism for his move and even heard boos from the crowd when he snatched the ball from German.


However, the skipper did not learn a lesson and committed the same mistake on Wednesday. Leading 3-2, Aaron Boone again handed out the ball to Clay Holmes, who again gave away the lead in the ninth. This move agitated the fans in the stadium, who booed the skipper relentlessly with chants of “Fire Boone.” Fortunately, Jose Trevino avoided the worst as he scored the tiebreaker in the tenth inning. But Boone’s repeated goof-ups with bullpen decisions raised a lot of suspicions. The fan and analysts alike were baffled and questioned Boone’s ability to make mindful decisions under pressure situations. While the manager did issue an explanation, it apparently proved to be not enough for the fans, who remain displeased.

Boone Sounds Off Alert To The Yankees As They Face The Rays This Weekend

Aaron Boone
Aaron Boone Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Tampa Bay Rays are arguably the best team of the season so far. They have won 26 of the 32 games played and sit comfortably at the top of the AL-East table. Moreover, this weekend, they lock horns with the last seated team at the East table, the New York Yankees. Naturally, the odds sit with the Rays. Meanwhile, Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, understands that it’s a big matchup and urged to team to stay at their very best against the Rays.

Aaron Boone said the Rays had done everything right this season, from powerful hitting to stellar pitching. Hence, the Yankees will have to play really well to stand a chance of beating the top team. Considering the current state of the Yankees, beating the Rays would be an uphill battle. Let’s see how things pan out over the weekend.