Helmut Marko

Uzma Fatima

Red Bull Team Advisor Accuses Mercedes Of Manipulating FIA Regarding DRS To Slow Down The Bulls

The F1 team Mercedes-AMG-Petronas is a little upset with FIA for the change in the DRS (Drag Reduction System) system they have implemented by this year. Following this, the DRS zones were shortened in the previous two races of the season. This may have satisfied Mercedes a little, but this took away the little advantages Red Bull has. The Austrian team has won each of the five Grand Prixs held so far. Despite the disadvantages coming from the DRS alteration, Red Bull has been able to jump from P9 to the first. Therefore, the chief advisor of the team, Helmut Marko, figured out the main problem. According to him, it’s not the DRS system that should be looked after, but the Mercedes car should be looked after.

DRS, the drag reduction system, is basically the biggest weapon of the F1 car. There are DRS zones on each track. This is primarily an aid to overtaking, making it easy. It allows the drivers to increase the car’s straight-line speed, for which Red Bull’s RB19 is a master. But Mercedes’ W14 is already garbage. Meanwhile, in the Australian Grand Prix and in the Miami Grand Prix, Red Bull noticed that the DRS zones’ length had decreased. But WHY? [to help Mercedes?]


While addressing the situation, Helmut Marko sarcastically stated that “It is amazing to know that Mercedes are upset” about the DRS changes. For Marko, overtaking has always been difficult, with the DRS or without it. However, if it has been shortened, you may know why it has been done, right? [because Mercedes was upset about it].

In an interview with Motorsport Magazine, Helmut Marko asked team Mercedes to stop interfering in such a manipulative way. Who has to do that is all clear! Apparently, the Silver Arrows are making the DRS issue huge. From time to time, Team Principal Toto Wolff keeps on intervening; he manipulates. But he forgets that the DRS won’t change Mercedes’s position, the concept of the car will.

Mercedes Should Concentrate On Their Cars Rather Than The DRS

Mercedes has had an impressive, dominating era in Formula One. Helmut reckons the Brackley team “had such a superior engine for a year” that they remained ahead of the rest for almost a decade, further ahead than Red Bull today is. However, since 2022 the team has been producing weaker cars blaming the regulations that FIA changes. For Mercedes, Helmut Marko has a thing or advice to say. It goes as, “If you deliver a flop performance with the car for two years now in a row, you are suggested to concentrate on that.”


Today, the time flipped, and Red Bull replaced Mercedes with the throne of Formula One. The team maintains such a massive gap from others on the track that the team’s boss Christain Horner, mocked, “Where are others?” Nevertheless, the chief advisor of the team is
fully convinced that FIA is trying to take this pull RED BULL DOWN! When the Motorsport Magazine asked him if he thinks that FIA shortened the DRS zone just to level the playfield, he responded, “YES.”