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‘Flagrant Dereliction Of Duty’ NBA Analyst Not Happy With Anthony Davis’ Poor Game 2 Performance

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most history-rich franchises in the history of the NBA. For many years, the greatest players in the league have represented the club wearing the iconic purple and gold on the court. The franchise also spends a lot of money on choosing and selecting the best players from the league. Therefore, fans expect nothing but the best despite all the other factors which could affect the game. This is probably why the fans were disappointed when Anthony Davis, their star player, failed to deliver in an important match.

The Lakers have built and brought themselves to the postseason of the NBA. It might look like an unattainable feat for many, but the team has risen from the dust to come this moment. The eight-time All-star and LeBron James have enormously contributed to bringing the team to the Conference semifinals. But the two are now failing to combine and display the beastly performance they are capable of. They float past their way from the Grizzlies, but their acumen will now be tested against the former champs. If LA does not get its act right, it can be punished by its California Rivals.


The Lakers Fan Not Happy With Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis. Source - Bleacher Report

The 29-year-old has been a crucial figure in LA’s squad. He becomes the other star player in the pairing with LeBron James, which has previously won a title. However, ever since then, things have not been the same. Talking about this year, Anthony Davis‘ inconsistency has been a thing that does not go unnoticed. Every time he has taken a game lightly, it has cost the team because of their dependence on him. The team also depends heavily on LeBron, but he delivers a decent performance even on bad days. On the other hand, Davis gets very poor on his bad day.

Anthony Davis became the Lakers hero in the first game of the semifinals series, where he plummeted 30 points on the night. But the second game of the series went horribly wrong for him when he only scored 11 points with a complete shutdown on the offense. Stephen A Smith was so disappointed by his performance that he compared it to “straight garbage.” He even said it was a “flagrant dereliction of duty,” leaving LeBron hanging.

“Same Shots Different Outcome,” Cries Davis

According to the eight-time All-star, he had played game 2 similarly to the first game of the series. However, the only remaining difference was that nothing landed in the second game. Davis acknowledged that he needs to improve some aspects of his game, like shooting. And he will be back in game 3 with better skills to prove his worth on the court.

Anthony Davis needed 2
Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers)

But what changed his performance so drastically if Davis says that he did everything the same as the game 1? Draymond Green, a former Defensive Player of the Year, took charge of marking Davis in game 2. Earlier, it was Kevon Looney who did not do a good enough job of keeping him quiet. But Green has the experience, strength, and intelligence that kept him quiet and invisible on the offense. Anthony will hope to bring the Lakers to win by conquering Green in the next game at Crypto Arena.