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Skip Bayless Feels Anthony Davis Is The Best Player Remaining In NBA Playoffs

Anthony Davis has guided the Los Angeles Lakers pretty well to make the postseason after a horrible start. The squad was 2-10 in the beginning. The team had all sorts of problems, including a lack of balance on the roster. Clearly, the Lakers did not look like a championship team. Apparently, the Purple and Gold Army was the 13th seed up till mid-February.

It was later in March when the Lakers looked like a force to reckon with. After quality February trades, the team looked more balanced than ever. But the same time around, the Lakers missed LeBron James due to a tendon injury on his right foot for a month. In his absence, the Lakers were desperately in need of leadership. Hence, Anthony Davis stepped up as he steered the Lakers’ resurgence. As a result, the Lakers started climbing up the table, and AD raised the hopes of a postseason. And now, experts like Skip Bayless believe Anthony Davis is the best player in the playoffs.


Skip Bayless Rates The Best Of AD Higher Than The Best Of James

Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless Undisputed Source: News7D

The eight-time All-Star has been a pillar of the Lakers’ defense for some time now. Anthony Davis has been the star in the offense as well. He has been getting the rebounds better than most in the team as well as in the tournament. Now it is quite extraordinary to see the Lakers in the playoff semis against the defending champions after the way their season took off. Davis’ impact on the Lakers squad is undeniable. Furthermore, in Game 1 against the Warriors, it was another AD show. Anthony Davis scored 30 points and got 23 rebounds. Recently, many experts have suggested that the Lakers are now more centered around Anthony Davis than LeBron James.

Skip Bayless is one of those experts, for sure. The Undisputed host feels Anthony Davis is the best player at present in the playoffs. The worst critic of LeBron James explained, “The best of AD is better than the best of LeBron at the moment.” According to Bayless, Anthony Davis has been more consistent than LeBron James in the playoffs. AD has averaged 20.8 points per game and 13.7 rebounds per game against the Grizzlies. On the other hand, James has averaged 22.2 points and 11.2 rebounds. Hence, it is a little tough to come to a conclusion about who has been more consistent. However, it can be said that Bayless has been a little bit harsher towards LeBron James. But why is that not surprising?

Anthony Davis Could Do Nothing To Stop The Warriors In Game 2

Anthony Davis Draymond Green
Anthony Davis Lakers Draymond Green Warriors Source: DraftKings Nation

Meanwhile, what happened in Game 1 is past now, as the Warriors have even the series in Game 2. It is not surprising to see Stephen Curry‘s side come back so strong. They literally dominated the game as they beat the Lakers 127-100. Anthony Davis could do no damage to the Warriors in offense or defense, as Draymond Green did a great job guarding him throughout the match.

For the Lakers, LeBron James and Rui Hachimura were the top scorers with 23 and 21 points, respectively. But AD could only score 11 points. Hence, it is fair to say that the Warriors blew the Lakers away. After the first two games, the Western Conference playoff semis is evenly poised between the Lakers and the Warriors with 1-1.