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Skip Bayless & Draymond Green’s Role Reversed After LeBron James’ Lead Lakers Qualified For Play-Offs!

There is often a misregard or debate about whether some people can change or not. However, one such incident in the NBA proved that maybe people could change. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is a big name in the industry. His aggressive style of play and longevity have stunned the world to watch him from every part of the globe. And a star with such popularity holds the ability to turn heads even with the mention of his name. Therefore his name is often used in the media to gain popularity or grab people’s attention.

It is not a new practice to use the name of the biggest star in any industry for attention. However, Skip Bayless, an NBA analyst, took it way too personally when one of the NBA stars talked about LeBron James’ performance. And it is ironic and surprising because the man himself has created his identity by criticizing LeBron for the past 15 years or so. The people are talking about the change of heart that Skip has had since the Lakers managed to change their season outlook. Keep reading who is the fellow star who disregarded one of the most outstanding men in the sport.


Golden Warriors Player Dents On LeBron James

Draymond Green on LeBron James. Source - heavy

The 38-year-old former champion has been remarkable, considering his age as one of the biggest factors. NBA does not get easier every year. Instead, it keeps getting faster and harder than the last year. And even in such settings, LeBron James has kept his domination in the game for 20 years, including this season. It is a very jaw-dropping fact, but the L-Train makes it look so easy that people don’t appreciate him enough. However, with age comes the limitations of the body, and despite those, he has been a top-class athlete.

In the last game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the 19-time All-star had to stay on the court for 45 minutes. And he might display some signs of slowing and tiredness. Although his friend and Warriors’ star Draymond Green caught his sluggishness and talked about it in a podcast recently. He said” “He looked gassed at times, I was very shocked at that.” And he continued saying, “You never gotta question whether Bron is in shape or not, but he did look a little tired.”

Skip Bayless Calls Out Green For His Comments

I gotta tell you, it’s offensive to me, that’s stepping out of bounds,” said Skip. Fox Sports analyst further explained how some things are out of line, and Green should take care while speaking.

But the whole situation is ironic because Draymond is one of the biggest supporters of LeBron James. And Bayless, on the other hand, is the complete opposite as one of the biggest critiques. Moreover, the situation has fallen way out of proportion because Skips complains that Draymond did it to sell his podcast. And he wants to get the clout of LeBron James’ name to do so.