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Ferrari is launching a new ‘bomb’ engine in their 2023 car. Mattia Binotto already hinted about the Scuderia’s strong comeback before departing. And now, the recent rumors are proving Binotto’s claim to be true. Last year, Ferrari started the season with four victories, but they lost the power soon. However, for this upcoming season, the team is making sure that after years of struggle, its star driver, Charles Leclerc, finally paves the way to win his first Formula One world championship in 2023. And this means that the Red Bull star, Max Verstappen, will have to stop being a back-to-champion.

The more confident Ferrari builds up, the more concerned Red Bull becomes. With a 30bhp increase in the engine of Ferrari, Red Bull’s principal, Christian Horner, is afraid to see the rival as the strongest opponent in the 2023 F1 contest. Recently, in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, the Austrian team’s boss raised concerns over Ferrari’s use of the homologated engine in 2023. He said, “The engines are homologated, and so theoretically, there should not be big horsepower gains. In addition, the fuel is also homologated, which in terms brings reports of new fuels which is not permitted.”


Red Bull Keeping In Mind That Ferrari Is Bringing A Potential Horsepower This Time

Meanwhile, Ferrari’s new boss, Frederic Vasseur, has already denied the fact that they have used any extra power. But his denial does not satisfy Red Bull’s boss. Horner still believes that Ferrari is bringing extra horsepower, and it should not be permitted. However, with this belief, the boss knows that Ferrari will improve their engine performance from last year. He reckoned that the Scuderia team had some reliability issues in 2022. ” And, if they have managed to address those issues and have been able to turn up their power inevitably, then the team will see some form of progress. [that may lead them to win the championship].”

Given that, Red Bull, the team that won both the championship last year with 17 Grand Prix wins, needs to be mindful. What if Ferrari brings up the potential to gain the lost pace and makes sure of a constant win until Abu Dhabi, unlike 2022, where just after Silverstone, they had to stop? Christian Horner admitted, “The way Ferrari is developing their new engine will bring a lot of potential horsepowers, so Red Bull will have to keep this in mind. We have seen Ferrari turning down the power in 2022. This gives an idea that the team has the ability within their engine to turn it up more.”

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However, Christian Horner is somehow satisfied with Red Bull’s preparation. He knows that his team had some small reliability issues last season. But it was nothing compared to the magnitude of Ferrari. If the rivals bring an upgraded engine, Red Bull will not stand behind witnessing their loss. They will definitely bring a better one and see others getting defeated.

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