Toto Wolff & Christian Horner
Toto Wolff & Christian Horner

Watching the fantastic result of the 2022 Formula One season, Red Bull’s Principal emerged to claim that Max Verstappen and Serio Perez are the best pair of drivers. According to Christian Horner, team Red Bull is really “lucky” to have Max and Checo together in the team. But is this true? Looking at the little disputes between the drivers, Horner’s claim seems to be pretty “odd.” Not just I and you think so, but also Martin Brundle has questioned Christian Horner for his odd claim about the drivers.

Doubtful about the claims of Christian Horner, F1 pundit Martin Brundle recently questioned, “What does Horner mean when he says ‘BEST’? The British boss has spent 18 years with Red Bull. He has seen the rise and fall, and also the era of Sebastian Vettel when Red Bull was at the topmost position in Formula One. So, despite claiming the pair of Vettel and Mark Webber, with whom the team clinched four constructor’s championships, as the best, why does Horner believe it is Verstappen and Perez?

Sergio Perez

During the RB19’s launch in New York last Friday, several breaking news emerged. First of all, the team revealed its 2026 engine partner, which is not Honda but Ford. And one of the other famous reveals was Horner’s claim about the present Red Bull drivers who, according to him, have surpassed the appreciation of Vettel and Webber.

Red Bull Is Fortunate To Have Max Verstappen And Sergio Perez, claimed Christian Horner

Last Friday, Horner said, “We are very much lucky that we have got two fantastic drivers.” The Briton is very much impressed by seeing the combined effort of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez within the past two years. Not only that, speaking further on the matter, Horner explained, “First, Max Verstappen won the driver’s world championship in 2021. And then, just the next year, the double crown was claimed by the team. Winning 17 Grand Prix between the two of them, first and third in the driver’s standings. And most importantly, bringing home the constructor’s championship back to the oracle for the first time in eight years, it was amazing.”

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And then, Christian Horner went on to spill one of the boldest statements. He said, “You know, these guys, [Max Verstappen and Serio Perez], is the BEST pairing we have ever had in Formula One. It has been hugely successful.” With hopes to win the 2023 world championship, Christian Horner believes that Red Bull is going to need every bit of that also in 2023. As the year is filled with a bigger opponent, with the rivals’ strong comeback, Red Bull will definitely face challenges. But with the very fortunate and talented pair of drivers the team has, they will once again win the constructors.

Nevertheless, in an interview with Sky Sports, martin Brundle came out to suspect something odd in Horner’s claim. Brundle said, “Does Horner mean that they [Max and Checo] fit together well as a combo?”. Martin is confused by the fact that Horner claimed that “Sergio is probably a little more compliant than Marks Webber or Sebastian Vettel.” If this is what Horner means, then the “claim is so odd in that respect.”

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