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The FIA is set to enforce the new technical directive focusing on the porpoising issues in the newly developed ground-effect 2022 F1 cars. Mercedes have demanded a change in the regulations to ensure the safety of the drivers. Both Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have been quite vocal about the negative effects of porpoising and how it has affected the cars\’ performance in 2022. 

However, the front-running teams, Red Bull and Ferrari, are against a regulation change and accused Mercedes of lobbying to gain some kind of advantage. Meanwhile, the Silver Arrows claimed that the two leading outfits want to ensure their front-running performance this season is not affected by any means. The new technical directive focused on restricting the number of aerodynamic oscillations and plank flexibility will be enforced by the Belgian GP in Monza.


Further, as per Automotor und Sport, Ferrari is planning to protest the new technical regulations. This is because Mattia Binotto does not think a change is necessary. The Italian racing team has been skeptical about the teams\’ motives, who have asked for a rule change. Mercedes demanded a change citing drivers\’ safety. However, their rivals have countered that an increase in ride height could sort the porpoising issue.

Christian Horner Feels It\’s Too Late To Make A Regulation Change In 2022

Mercedes has been severely affected by porpoising since the start of the season. The violent bouncing restricted them from competing at the front since the start of the season. However, the Silver Arrows have recovered significantly with each race. Lewis Hamilton has clinched four straight podiums since Canada. Meanwhile, Russell has finished in the top 5 in all the races except the British Grand Prix. While Mercedes have requested a regulation change, Red Bull boss Christian Horner believes it is too late to introduce new rules in the 2022 championship.


The former British driver added that it is quite late in the year to be making a change. Horner feels the FIA President is doing a great job collating the details. So, he hopes a sensible solution could be found. He added, \”Because it is too late in the day for fundamental regulation changes, which something like that would be.\”

However, his Mercedes rival Toto Wolff hit back at Horner. The former Austrian driver stated when a team runs at the front; they want to ensure that nothing changes. Wolff added, \”I think he\’s just bored at the front. So good for him.\”

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