Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, was spotted driving a plain Audi A7 for quite some time that he bought back in 2015.

Professional athletes around the world are known to live a life King size. From having huge mansions to owning lavish vehicles, the athletes literally have everything that they want. However, very few athletes around the world choose to live a private personal life under wraps. Moreover, normal fans around the world massively praise such grounded athletes.


Like any other sport, Baseball, too, cash out enormous amounts of money for the athletes. Hence, the players enjoy a lavish life outside the ballparks. But there are a few exceptions. For example, the Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, received massive applause for his humility. Judge was also seen driving a years old model of Audi for quite some time. And as a result, fans are loving and applauding the outfielder for his humility.

Aaron Judge Spotted Riding A 2015 Model Audi A7

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New York Yankees retained their ace outfielder, Aaron Judge, in one of the biggest deals in the history of MLB. After threatening to leave the club for a west coast team, the last-minute intervention by the Yankees owner made Aaron stay. As a result, the 30-year-old received a nine-year contract worth around $360 million. Despite earning a bucketload of money, Aaron seems to enjoy a low-key life.

For instance, Aaron bought an Audi A7 back in the year 2015, a year before his MLB debut. However, after MLB’s debut, in 2018, Judge stayed with the same car. Cut to 2020, Aaron Judge established himself as a successful baseball player in the whole of MLB. However, even during that time, the outfielder was spotted with the same Audi A7 in a parking lot at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida.

Moreover, Aaron Judge still seems to be using the same Audi model for over seven years now. At a time when the outfielder has the ability to buy almost anything that he wants, his humility in staying with low-key materials has been massively applauded by the fans.

Anthony Rizzo Weighs In On Aaron’s Down To Earth Character

Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge
Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge

The first baseman of the Yankees and Aaron Judge’s teammate, Anthony Rizzo, spoke highly of the outfielder in a recent interview. While reacting to Aaron’s new contract, Rizzo said that the outfielder had earned his contract through sheer hard work. Moreover, speaking about Aaron’s character, Rizzo added that Aaron Judge is the kind of person that will bail you out even if you call him at 4 in the morning.

Meanwhile, with Aaron Judge’s retention and onboarding of a few more players, the New York Yankee’s roaster looks strong for the 2023 season. On top of that, the bombers look confident of breaking the years-long jinx and finally claiming that championship title. However, the competition is getting fiercer with each passing day. Lastly, the Bronx Bombers must bring their A game in the upcoming season to move past the competition.

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