Anthony Rizzo Shares About His Contribution In Bringing Aaron Judge Back To Yankees!

Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge

In Aaron Judge\’s returning back to the Yankees, different personalities played a sufficient role. Anthony Rizzo, a close friend of Judge, both are back on the same baseball team. But, for Rizzo, it was not that easy to convince his friend to re-sign the Yankees contract. Recently Anthony shared about his best friend\’s heart-tugging powers he used to bring back Aaron Judge in New York.

In the podcasts of The Book Of Joe, Anthony revealed the emotional blackmail moments he had with Aaron in order to tempt him to be in the Yankees. He said, \”I sent him a couple of pictures of our dogs together.\” He explained that they both have dachshunds, and the bond is stronger enough that they can\’t break it up.\” However, despite those beautiful little tactics, Judge was not showing anything that would make Rizzo sure about his return. He was still worried and did have any idea about his friends coming back until Judge signed the $360 million 9 years deal.


Rizzo stated that he was recruiting as hard as one thinks. He revealed that he and his wife Emily had known Aaron Judge and his wife Sam very well from the last year only. They were just getting closer. And at the moment, it was like, \”what is going to make you happy? Is it going to be A, B, C, or D? Is that here or anywhere else? Whatever it was, Rizzo and Judge had always been more a friend than a teammate.

Anthony Wanted Aaron Judge, But Said, Do What You Think Is The Best

Rizzo is indeed very much happy that his teammate-cum friend, Aaron Judge, has returned to the Yankees. But he never wanted to force him to do so. Speaking about the matter, Anthony stated that he was also very much worried, like all the fans of Judge in the zero hours. However, he was also saying to Judge, \”You have to do what makes you happy. Do whatever is going to be the best for you ultimately.\”

Both pair was free agents this year after the 2022 world series. But Anthony Rizzo was not much confused about returning back to the Yankees. Even before discussing things with Aaron Judge and adapting his behavior, Rizzo signed the Yankees contract back on 15th November only. He signed a two-year, $34 million contract. Meanwhile, Judge made his decision with a lot of thinking; he did not want a two or three years contract. The 62-home runner wanted a guaranteed career in baseball with his next contract.


After reviewing and analyzing the exclusive offers sent by the San Francisco Giants and back-to-back Yankees offer, Judge finally chose his legacy over dollars. When the Yankees gave him a $360 million 9-year contract, he did not go to the giants more than the $360 and 10 years offer. The slugger chose the Yankees because it has his legacy.

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