Ferrari seemed to have got it all wrong during Sunday\’s race in Monaco. Charles Leclerc had to deal with a huge upset as he finished P4 after dominating all weekends and securing a pole position at his home circuit. The Monegasque led the race comfortably during the rain-affected race when Ferrari ordered him to pit for intermediate tyres. Sainz stayed on the track and waited for the track to dry before pitting for slicks.

However, Leclerc was forced to make another stop just after a few laps as he switched to hard tyres. A second immediate stop made things worse for Leclerc as Red Bull pitted a lap later and managed to get ahead of the Ferraris. Leclerc was devastated by the outcome as he dropped down to fourth behind Sergio Perez, Carlos Sainz, and Max Verstappen.


Former F1 driver Mika Hakkinen has recently claimed that Ferrari\’s lack of confidence in their strategies could cost Leclerc a championship upset this season. Mika pointed out that the Italian racing team made some grave errors during the Monaco GP as they pitted Leclerc at the wrong moment. The 53-year-old believes that Red Bull had the confidence to make the right calls while Ferrari hesitated, leading to a trail of errors that proved costly for Leclerc. After pitting for the second time, Leclerc lost his track position to Sainz, which frustrated the Monegasque. However, things got much worse when Red Bull got ahead after a pit stop.


Hakkinen Feels Ferrari Needs To Trust Their Strategies & Reduce Human Error

The error from Ferrari resulted in Sergio Perez taking the lead while Verstappen managed to get ahead of Leclerc as well. Thus, the Monegasque could not get back in the front on the narrow street circuit after dropping to fourth. Mika wrote in his Unibet column that Ferrari hesitated in the key moments when they called Charles in and then pitted him again while leaving Carlos Sainz out longer than required.

Hakkinen acknowledged that Red Bull got their strategy correct as they managed to jump from third and fourth grip positions to P1 and P3. Ferrari has claimed that they would analyze the reasons behind the failure of their strategy. However, Mike thought that the human factor was to blame for Ferrari\’s troubles than technical issues. 

Mika Hakkinen

The Flying Finn wrote that the reason behind Ferrari\’s faltering in Monaco was due to the lack of confidence and how the people reacted under pressure. Leclerc was furious after a P4 finish as he was spotted hitting his steering wheel and swearing at the race engineers. The 24-year-old shared that he was asked if he wanted to go from extreme wets to slicks, and he agreed. But, he did not understand why his team changed their mind and went to intermediated. And this resulted in an undercut as Leclerc stopped behind Sainz. Leclerc added, \”There have been a lot of mistakes, and we cannot afford to do that.\”

Ferrari has already lost their advantage to Red Bull in the drivers\’ and constructors\’ championships. If they continue to falter, Red Bull might end up gaining a significant lead with the form of their drivers. Hence, Charles Leclerc and Ferrari will have to find a way to make a strong comeback during the Azarbaijan GP in Baku.

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