Stefano Domenicali And Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a big influencer in the fight against racism in Formula One Motorsport. He has come a long way to become the legend of Formula One he is today. The Mercedes driver has fought against adversities to become the only black driver in the Formula One grid and has the best record in most departments of the sport. Most race wins, podium finishes, and a joint seven-time winner of the driver’s championship title with the German Legend Michael Schumacher. He also had the record for most points in a single season until the Dutch champion, Max Verstappen, broke it last year.

However, being the only black driver in the grid has not been easy. As Hamilton shared one story on the podcast with Jay Shetty, On Purpose, in which he asked the team principal of the Silver Arrows, Toto Wolff, to imagine being the only white driver walking down to the paddock. Wolff replied, “I can’t imagine how it would feel.” To that, Hamilton replied, “Yes, that is exactly how I feel every single time being the only black driver.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Protesting for Black Lives Matter

But after so many years and accomplishing so much, Hamilton always thought there was a bigger purpose for him since he was the only colored champion in F1 history. So he made it his life mission to fight for equality and against any kind of racism and discrimination. Hence at the time of requirement, he, along with all his fellow drivers before the racing begins, campaigns against racism.

F1 Boss To The Rescue To Handle The FIA-Lewis Hamilton Issue

The drivers, especially Hamilton, kneel down to mark a protest against discrimination. However, there is a widespread belief revolving around the Formula One circuit. As per that, the governing body is trying its best to curb Lewis Hamilton’s campaigns down. The FIA came up with specific new regulations. As per that, the drivers are not allowed to take any political or religious stand when in or around the motorsport. However, the followers of Formula One, racing from every sphere of life, has not taken the rumor and especially the law very well.

The FIA stated that no driver has permission to make any socio-political statements on the racing track. Certainly not without prior permission from the governing body itself in case of an emergency. According to the FIA President, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, this law will help maintain the decorum on the race track. The FIA won’t allow polluting F1 with political campaigns and so on. However, in another way, it is curbing the freedom of speech of the drivers in Formula One. Many influential people and organizations have protested against it. Like the House of Lords has openly called the President of FIA out on social media. 

FIA President

The CEO of Formula One Group, Stefano Domenicali, has supported the drivers. It is important for the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. And other drivers and teams who have expressed discomfort after the new rule of FIA. The F1 boss revealed his thought during an event about the car launch. As per Stefano, Formula One will never curb the freedom of speech. As the sport is providing the drivers and every people involved to make a change. Due to the growing popularity and globalization of the game. The Italian boss revealed that he had already discussed this with GPDA. They are trying to find a solution, as the new season will start very soon.      

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