Did LeBron James Try To Recruit Kyrie Irving To Los Angeles Lakers In 2019?

LeBron james & Kyrie irving

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving teamed up together in 2016 to get the Cleveland Cavaliers their first championship trophy in 52-years. The duo dominated on the court, taking the Cavs to one of the most iconic NBA finals in history. However, things began to go downhill after Irving decided to leave the franchise. He requested a trade without even telling his partner James about it. Several reports suggested that Kyrie was not willing to play under LeBron James\’ shadow as a second fiddle. The point guard moved to the Boston Celtis, and LeBron remained from making a comment about the issue for years. As time went by, the two legends distanced themselves from each other, with Irving being involved in some slandering against LeBron James. 

However, the Brooklyn guard admitted in a recent interview that his immaturity could have led to a big mistake which he regrets now. Kyrie felt that they could have won more championships if he stayed with James in Cleveland. After the latest comments by Irving, NBA Insider Brian Windhorst disclosed that James tried to recruit Kyrie Irving to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019. But, Kyrie decided to team up with Kevin Durant at the Nets.

Irving, Kevin Love & james

Did LeBron James Attempt To Get Irving To The Lakers?

James and Irving enjoyed one of the best phases of their career together in Cleveland. However, Kyrie decided to call it quits after winning the 2016 championship. He asked for a trade, and Cleveland granted it without any consultation from LeBron James. However, Irving did not last with the Celtics for long. There were rumors about him being involved in a disagreement with the front office. So, the seven-time All-Star decided to opt for free agency despite claiming to extend his stay with the Cs.

LeBron tried to recruit his former teammate in 2019 when Kyrie headed to free agency. LeBron was interested in getting Irving onboard. The four-time NBA champ reached out to and tried to mend fences with the 30-year-old. However, Kyrie decided not to go with the Lakers, and their relationship got worse again. While James went for Anthony Davis, Irving moved to Brooklyn and teamed up with Kevin Durant. 

Durant & Irving

While Durant and Irving have been strong together, they are yet to lead the Nets to a championship final. Meanwhile, James and Davis led the lakers to an NBA championship in 2020. After two years, the lakers have found themselves in a tough situation, and King James might consider trying one last time to get Kyrie to join the Lakers this offseason.

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