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The Los Angeles Lakers lacked in various aspects of their game, leading to an inevitable elimination in the regular season. But The Lakers will look to rebuild their roster after failing to make it to the playoff with a star-studded team, including players like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook.

They struggled with form, injuries, inconsistencies, and chemistry this season. However, one area that clearly appeared as a flay was the absence of a player who could provide some space to stars like Lebron and Davis. LA lacked a key player capable of shooting consistent three-pointers and putting a threat against the opponent from outside the circle. While there are no doubts about the talents of James, Davis, and Westbrook, none of them shoots efficiently from deep. But one such player who could prove to be crucial for the Lakers on the court is the Houston Rockets veteran guard Eric Gorden.


The Houston Rockets finished the second in the last position in the Western Conference. The team has several impressive rookies. But they are still going through a rebuilding phase, and Eric may not be the perfect fit for their roster. Thus, the Los Angeles Lakers can target the 33-year-old veteran during the offseason to create an outside scoring opportunity for the franchise. The Lakers need spacing in their roster if they want to fight hard for the championship next year. While Eric\’s shooting could be a good boost for LA, the shooting guard is also good in defensive roles. Moreover, the Houston Rockets have already tried to transfer Gordon to another franchise. Thus, it may not prove to be too hard for the Lakers to acquire the veteran.


Hoston Tried To Trade Gordon To The Suns

The top-ranked Phoenix Suns were eliminated from the playoffs recently. Former NBA players JJ Redick recently commented that the Sun might have missed a big chance to update their team during the February trade deadline. The rebuilding Rockets placed Eric Gordon on the trade block. But the Suns denied to pay the asking price by general manager Rafael Stone. 

Phoenix missed an opportunity of getting a third short creator in Eric, and the fans also wanted him on the side. JJ claimed that Eric Gorden is an attacking option and would have proved handy for the Suns in the playoffs. During the 2021-22 season, the 33-year-old put his multifaceted game on display by contributing with his three-point shooting, shot creation, and defense. Thus, Phoenix\’s missed opportunity could prove to be handy for the Lakers this off-season.

Eric Gordon

The Lakers Can Get Eric Gordon Without Much Trouble

The Rockets have a clear intention of trading Eric Gordon this offseason. And The Lakers have a great opportunity as players like Gordon, who shoot well, are not available very often. LA could trade a couple of young players, which the Rockets might be interested in. Talent-Horton is a promising prospect. However, the youngster struggled to perform when the team needed it the most in the absence of James and Davis. Moreover, Kendrick Nunn missed the whole season after reaching the NBA finals with Miami in 2020.

Sadly, LA does not have enough draft capital to offer. But a combination of a couple of young players could be enough to get Eric Gordon on the team. The Rockets guard did not play the last eight games of the season. And as the franchise look towards the future, Eric could play a crucial role with the Lakers next season.

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