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Coach Darvin Ham Set To Explore The Lakers Superstar’s Role In The Next Game: REPORTS

Apparently, the Los Angeles Lakers could not manage to pull consistent wins against the Golden State Warriors at Chase Center. If the results were turned, Darvin Ham’s side would have had an incredible advantage. But looking at the current scenario, his team still holds a win on the road, which will be helpful. They can even double their advantage if they manage two successful wins at the Crypto Arena. The fans will accept nothing, but the best as the team has shown potential title performance until now.

The Lakers fell hard last night, 100-127, with an average performance from their main man Anthony Davis. LeBron James was decent enough, but he also had an average day out, which was not enough to cross the winning edge. And the dependency on the two stars has been the team’s problem throughout the season. The demanding schedule has been tough on both of them, and the rest has been minimal. But whatever the condition remains, they will hope to go all the way this year. And in order to do this, they will have to come back stronger in their home games.


Will Ham Change The Way Anthony Davis Is Playing

The Purple and Golds were absolute monsters in the opening game of the semifinal series. But the fizz soon bottled down, and the Warriors brought their A-game to the court in the second game. In the post-game interview, coach Darvin Ham threw big words to make a strong comeback in the series. As of now, the series is leveled 1-1, but the Warriors have shown what they can do. Therefore, LA can not just sit with its minor advantage and hope for the best without making any effort.

Ham praised the Golden State’s efforts on the court against his team. Talking to the media, he also said that he would plan things differently for the upcoming games. And it looks like Anthony Davis will significantly change his plans. In game 1, he was an absolute hurricane, scoring 30 points, 23 rebounds, and five assists. But the Warriors quickly realized this, and Draymond took his position as his marker. This helped them narrow Davis’ involvement in the offense nullifying LA’s offensive threat.

Therefore Ham will have to figure out a way to surpass Green so that the 29-year-old can run at Warrior’s defense. He is not bad at the backcourt, but the team needs him at both ends of the court.

Its Time For The Lakers To Heat The Room

LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Source - NBC sports

The star-studded LA team is known to increase the level in the playoff games where the stakes are at their highest. However, the two have been shy about their beast mode, making it easy for their opponents to go through them. And in such critical times, Davis is only putting up 11 points is disappointing.

Moreover, Shanon Sharpe is also demanding more of LeBron James, who has been relatively quiet this postseason. “He’s had enough of these 22-point games and five or six rebounds. It’s time to get to 30. It’s time to be very efficient in a 30-point outing.” said Shanon. The Lakers fan will appreciate a more dominant performance from their team, especially their superstar duo. In the meantime, the Crypto Arena waits for the next clash of superstars in game 3 of the series.