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Red Bull arguably had the strongest car in the entire grid of the 2022 Formula One season. As FIA implemented the new regulations by the end of 2021, the team made the best car following the rules, which helped them dominate in the last season with 17 wins out of the 22 races held. However, this year when the team goes to the factory to build the same or a more strong car, they face a slap in the form of a penalty. The penalty for breaching the budget of 2021. Red Bull has to pay $7 million, which is not even a problem, but the 10% deduction the Wind Tunnel runs seems painful. The team’s principal, Christian Horner.

In addition, the perks of being a constructor’s champion include a 5% less allowance in the aerodynamics test runnings than the teams coming behind. This means that Ferrari and Mercedes have 5 and 10% extra Wind Tunnel testings, respectively, than Red Bull. Now, Red Bull has 20% less allowance than Mercedes. Should it not be a matter of concern for Horner? The reigning champion team had a plan for the new RB18 of 2023, but these unexpected penalty is limiting the number of improvements they can bring in order to win next year’s championship.

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When FIA found Red Bull to have breached the budget by a minor amount of 0.5 million dollars and gave the penalty, Christian Horner claimed it is “draconian”. Right then, he knew that the penalty would bring serious consequences. He predicted that the limited wind tunnel runs would cost the team half a second per lap in a pace. This will definitely stop Max Verstappen from remaining unbeatable as he was in 2022.

The Penalty Made Red Bull, Handicapped.

As of now, months have passed since Red Bull faced the reputational damage due to the cost cap saga. But Christian Horner still could not overcome the pain it gave in the form of a penalty. “It is painful,” he said to Speedcafe’s KTM Summer Grill. Horner believes that the penalty is something that Red Bull has got to manage. It is forcing them to be efficient and choosy in the test runs that every team in Formula one does without any limitation.

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The cost cap breach penalty has made the reigning driver and constructor’s champion team “handicapped”. All the benefits are taken due to the 10% reduction in aerodynamics development. Now no one can do anything, Horner has already signed the penalty letter agreement which meant no later conflict can occur. For 2023 the cost budget has been decreased to $135 to make Formula One more financially stable. But this will make the expensive teams suffer even more. So now, all that Red Bull can do is face the consequences and still make the best car they can.

Meanwhile, Christian Horner has asked FIA to have a sensible look at the sports regulations because it is depriving the teams to come with the fullest. However, the Red Bull principal is confident that FIA and FOM will check the matter and bring out the desirable outcome.

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