Red Bull Engineer CONFIRMS Next Year Will Be Tough For Max Verstappen Because Of Reduced Wind Tunnel Testing

Max Verstappen

Red Bull got the grand constructor\’s title this season after a drought period of 8 years. The team enjoyed their success with utmost happiness as Max Verstappen spectacularly got his second championship. He secured the title with 15 GP victories this season, making Red Bull the winner of both titles this season. Although not even a month has passed since the success, and a very sad prediction for Red Bull is emerging from all sides. The team\’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey is concerned about Red Bull for next year\’s victory because of the cost cap breach penalty they have got and also because of Ferrari\’s strong comeback.

Adrian has predicted that the 10% reduction in the Wind Tunnel testings of Red Bull will hurt Max Verstappen when he will fight with his nearest rival, Charles Leclerc, next year. The Red Bull star has consecutively won two Formula One championships. However, can this penalty mark the end of this continuity? Red Bull\’s technical chief fears the same to happen in 2023. Initially, in this season, Ferrari marched its way, winning four of the starting. Though the Scuderia team lost F1-75\’s pace just after conquering the Silverstone, they are still capable of returning back with the same speed next year.

Max Verstappen with Christian Horner (Red Bull)

How can one forget about Charles Leclerc? He succeeded in replacing Sergio Perez from the runner-up position in the driver\’s standings. These facts worry Adrian Newey. He knows that Red Bull has already got less allowance in the aerodynamics development. Plus, the reduction due to the penalty will be a huge loss. Regarding Red Bull\’s concerns about 2023, Newey said to, \”There is almost no testing. So, it is very difficult to put an answer. This will cost Red Bull so many tenths of a second per lap.\”

Ferrari Will Come Next Year With A Bomb Like Engine And Haunt Red Bull

Further, the 63-year-old suggested that the reductions in the internal testing of a car lead to evaluated very less components and ideas that a team comes up with during the winter break. According to Adrian Newey, Wind Tunnels tests do not matter only when a team is too smart to always puts the right things on the model. And, Red Bull is not that perfect yet that they won\’t be seeking checkings on ideas.


Besides, the fact that Ferrari won\’t be resting this winter in sorting out the weaker parts of the cars is another concern for Red Bull. If in case Ferrari utilizes the 5+10% more Wind Tunnel testings perfectly, then they will surely make a stronger car. Mattia Binotto also has revealed that they are launching a new engine in the \’675\’ named the car for next year, which is like a \”bomb\”. So it is indeed true that Ferrari will be returning back with a bomb-like engine and a more motivated Charles Leclerc to clinch next year\’s championship. He will definitely challenge Max Verstappen in the next F1 championship. For Ferrari, Adrian says, \”They had a couple of reliability problems; they made a few pitfall mistakes – they\’ll be alright.\”

So even if the prediction for who will get the 2023 world title is impossible. One can definitely say that Max Verstappen will face huge problems from other teams, especially Ferrari and Mercedes.

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