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Red Bull Racing’s CEO and team principal, Christian Horner, was apparently cleared of any wrongdoings in an alleged sexual misconduct case lodged against him by a female employee. The racing outfit employee submitted a written complaint, and accordingly, Red Bull GmBH established an internal investigation committee.

However, after the grievance was dismissed, the accuser was suspended by Red Bull Racing on full pay for providing inconsistent evidence. Irked by the decision, the anonymous female employee decided to file a review appeal. If the latest rumors are to be believed, she could take further serious action if her grievance is not duly handled by the racing outfit.


Christian Horner Accuser To Seek Employment Tribunal’s Help!

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Red Bull Racing CEO and team principal Christian Horner hasn’t earned any respite despite being cleared of any wrongdoings by the internal committee in a sexual misconduct case. Instead, his woes only increased after alleged shreds of evidence were leaked via email to several influential people of F1 and nearly hundreds of journalists. Meanwhile, in the latest setback, the suspended employee has sought a review of her dismissed grievance. Apparently, she is deeply disappointed by how the racing outfit treated her case and cleared Horner without any proper investigation. Not only that, the accuser has switched her lawyers during the process and could likely drag Horner to court in the near future.

According to the latest report by the Guardian, the Red Bull Racing employee who accused team principal Christian Horner of sexual misconduct could approach an employment tribunal in case her appeal for review gets rejected. An Employment Tribunal is a legal body in the UK that resolves disputes between employers and employees regarding employment rights and issues in the workplace. If the case stretches to this point, the details of the matter won’t stay confidential anymore. The process typically involves the submission of written claims, exchange of evidence, witness statements, and oral hearings where parties present their cases and witnesses testify under oath. This could be damaging for both the racing outfit and Horner himself. It’s important the accuser’s review appeal is dealt with appropriately to avoid further damage.

F1 Pundit Wary Of Christian Horner Situation Taking A Toll On Red Bull

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After rumors of Christian Horner’s accuser filing a review appeal on internal investigation broke out, F1 pundit David Croft sounded alarm bells for Red Bull Racing. Speaking to Fox Australia, Croft opined that controversies unfolding in the background have grabbed enough media attention until now. And it’s only a matter of time before it starts to drain the team’s energy levels and takes on the entire racing outfit.

Not only that, David Croft fears Red Bull could break apart from within due to internal politics. Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen appear to be on the same team, whereas Christian Horner has the support of majority shareholders. Overall, the review appeal outcome will set the record straight for the future, not only for team principal Christian Horner but the whole racing organization at large.

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