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The New York Yankees find themselves in a fix just two weeks ahead of the 2024 MLB season opening day. Captain Aaron Judge is feeling banged up after a rigorous spring schedule and has been shut down for the rest of the week. While he expects to return in time for opening day, uncertainties continue to loom.

While Aaron Judge’s injury concern was a big blow in itself, the fans were hit with another setback after an MRI was scheduled for ace Gerrit Cole’s pitching elbow. Amid concerns about Cole’s participation on the opening day, the New York Yankees are being proactive and have begun looking out for reinforcements.


Yankees Approach Dylan Cease In The Aftermath Gerrit Cole’s Elbow Injury

Dylan Cease
Dylan Cease Source: Marca.com

Amid concerns over Gerrit Cole’s elbow injury, the New York Yankees are reportedly pivoting their focus to former Cy Young Award runner-up Dylan Cease to bolster their pitching rotation. Cease had been linked to the team previously this off-season. However, a potential trade deal fell through after the Chicago White Sox asked for the inclusion of top prospect Spencer Jones. Since the Bronx Bombers didn’t think parting with Jones was worth the risk, the deal fell through. Regardless, with Gerrit Cole’s future into the season uncertain, the front office has once again reached out to the White Sox for a potential trade deal involving Dylan Cease. Bob Nightengale from USA Today says the Yanks have already made a trade proposal for Cease, but the package does not include Spencer Jones.

Having said that, Dyland Cease brings a wealth of talent and potential to the table. Despite some inconsistencies in his performance, the 26-year-old hurler has showcased flashes of brilliance throughout his career. Moreover, the Yankees’ prominent interest in Cease is nothing surprising. With an eye on securing reliable arms for their rotation, the organization is leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit of talent and depth. While negotiations and discussions are still ongoing, the possibility of acquiring Cease reflects the Yanks’ proactive approach to addressing roster concerns and adapting to unforeseen circumstances. Overall, whether Dylan Cease ultimately dons the pinstripes remains to be seen. But his potential addition could significantly bolster the Bombers’ pitching depth and bolster their chances of competing at the highest level.

Gerrit Cole Still Under Observation As Injury Threat Looms


The New York Yankees seem mostly likely to step into the 2024 season opening day without reigning AL CY Young pitcher Gerrit Cole. After trouble in recovery between starts, an MRI scan was scheduled for Cole’s pitching elbow. Further update on the situation: Skipper Aaron Boone said the scans are still underway. They are still seeking multiple opinions.

Interestingly, Aaron Boone said he does not envision Gerrit Cole starting on the opening day. Moreover, the skipper confirmed having conversations about who could possibly replace Cole on the opening day roster. Overall, the situation has taken an ugly turn for the Bronx Bombers. With both Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge banged up, the Yanks aspirations for a thumping start have take huge blow.

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