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Dylan Cease Or Blake Snell? Who Is New York Yankees Top Pitching Choice?

The New York Yankees 40-man roster is currently grinding hard in the spring training at George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. However, the front office back in New York is working tirelessly to orchestrate somehow a move to bolster pitching staff ahead of the 2024 season opening day.

Hal Steinbrenner confirmed Aaron Judge’s potential incoming off-season move hint by saying that he isn’t done trying to improve the roster. While the payroll issue persists, Steinbrenner has the team’s best interest in mind. Amid this, two options have emerged as potential candidates for Bronx Bombers. But the question is, what will Hal eventually choose to go ahead with?


Yankees Might Trade For Dyland Cease Over Signing Blake Snell

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The curious case of New York Yankees pitching depth’s pursuit has prolonged more than it should have. Blake Snell’s adamant demands and Yanks’ empty pockets have led to a stalemate in negotiation talks. While Snell wants $270 million, Hal Steinbrenner can offer a maximum of $150 million to the two-time CY Young pitcher. But the Scott Boras client refuses to settle even as opening day inches closer. Amid the tug of war, USA Today MLB insider Bob Nightengale has reported that the Yanks have had a change of heart with regard to Snell’s pursuit. Apparently, the team would rather trade Dylan Cease from the White Sox than sign Blake Snell in an expensive contract. But again, talks with the Chicago White Sox remain at a standstill.

Apparently, the White Sox wants no.2 prospect of the Yankees farm system, Spencer Jones, included in the trade deal. But the Bronx Bombers are in no mood to part with Jones anytime soon. “They refuse to part with top outfield prospect Spencer Jones in any package for (Cease) while the White Sox are insisting on him,” said Nightengale. Having said that, despite the appeal to acquire Snell through free agency, the Yankees are reportedly hesitant to commit to a long-term contract for the left-handed pitcher, citing financial considerations. Instead, the team is exploring the possibility of trading for Cease to address their pitching needs while also exploring other avenues to improve their roster through trade or free agency. However, it would be interesting to see if the Yanks succeed in convincing the White Sox.

Hal Steinbrenner Wary Of Exceeding Payroll

Hal Steinbrenner

Any acquisition at this stage of the season will cost Yankees co-owner Hal Steinbrenner a bomb. The club’s payroll has already exceeded the highest CBT threshold of $297 million. Any dollar spent exceeding this threshold will result in 110% tax penalties. Meanwhile, the franchise managing director is aware of the circumstances. Yet vowed to prioritize team needs first.

In his season-first press conference, Hal Steinbrenner said the front office isn’t done trying to find ways to improve the roster. He is willing to review every offer put together by Brian Cashman. But for now, the team isn’t close to nearing an agreement with either a free agent or a trade candidate. Regardless, a potential incoming move isn’t ruled out. With four weeks to go for opening day, it would be interesting to see how Yanks’ roster shapes up.

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