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New York Yankees Can Target THESE 3 Starters Other Than Blake Snell

The New York Yankees had been very busy in the offseason. They needed to make things right this winter. After a terrible 2023 season, the mood in the clubhouse was not very positive. First of all, they did not make the postseason last year. If that was bad enough, then, finishing with an 82-80 record was even worse. It was one of the worst seasons in the franchise’s history. Moreover, the 2023 season was the worst for the NY side in the last 30 years. Hence, the front office decided to see the failure as a wake-up call and make some significant changes this offseason. That’s what the Yankees did. Most importantly, they bolstered their offense and the outfield.

After adding Juan Soto to the roster, the fans in New York have seen a new light of hope. Moreover, outfielders like Trent Grisham and Alex Verdugo make the Bronx Bombers the most improved outfield in terms of WAR. Now, the fans and the organization believe they can contend for the World Series again. But the starting pitcher’s lineup is still a bit shaky. For a long time, there has been a link between Blake Snell and the Yankees. But no confirmation of sealing the deal has come out from either party yet. Now, who are the other starters the Yankees can target this offseason?


Yankees Can Target 3 Starting Pitchers Besides Blake Snell

Dylan Cease
Dylan Cease Source: Marca.com

If the Yankees fail to seal the deal with Blake Snell, they need to start looking for some other options. In fact, there are a few pretty good options. Firstly, Jordan Montgomery, who won the World Series with the Texas Rangers last year, can reunite with the NY side again. Montgomery is the best free agent available for a starting pitcher right after Blake Snell. According to Jon Heyman, Aaron Boone mentioned the Yankees are hell-bent on winning a championship. If that’s the case, they should get Montgomery, Snell, or Dylan Cease. Perhaps the most logical target for a starter on the trade market might be Cease. The Chicago White Sox ace pitcher is only 28 years old.

Moreover, he doesn’t have many years remaining on his contract. However, Cease did not have a great 2023 season. But even then, he was the runner-up in the 2022 AL Cy Young voting. Brian Cashman can package together a number of top prospects to tempt the White Sox for a trade. Last but not least, there is Michael Lorenzen. Albeit, he’s not the biggest free agent, he’s been an effective arm throughout his MLB career. Lorenzen is 32 years old. He had a decent 2023 season with the Detroit Tigers and then with the Philadelphia Phillies. Lorenzen posted 4.18 ERA with a 9-9 record. He pitched over 153.0 innings and had 111 strikeouts. 

If Not Snell, The Pinstripes Would Like To Add Any Starter Available

Blake Snell
Blake Snell poses at spring training. (K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Clearly, Blake Snell is far better than the other starting pitchers available on the trade market. He is a two-time Cy Young winner. Moreover, he could have been a far better choice to play alongside Gerrit Cole. The two Cy Young winners could really bolster the starting pitcher’s group of the Yankees to a large extent.

However, the NY side is well beyond their payroll. Moreover, the asking price of the former San Diego Padres ace is too high. If Scott Boras and Snell can lower their asking price, then the Yankees can make a move again. And if they don’t get Snell, they will be happy to sign any of the three starting pitchers mentioned above.

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