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Stephen Curry shocked the Dub Nation when he hurt his ankle in the game against the Chicago Bulls. Clearly, without Steph, the Golden State Warriors face fewer odds to maintain a winning streak. But the regular season is coming to the fag end, and they have to maintain a winning streak. At present, the Dubs are loosely hanging on the play-in spot. They need their talismanic captain more than ever. But in this delicate situation, the three-point King sprained his right ankle, and that’s not good news for the Golden State Warriors. Later, an MRI revealed that Curry did not have any structural damage to the joint. Hence, he will miss only 7-10 days of game time.

In the meantime, the Dubs are facing the challenge of a road trip. However, they started the trip well as they won against the San Antonio Spurs in San Antonio. Previously, the Spurs beat the Warriors at the Chase Center. And that was a blowout loss for the Dubs without their talismanic leader. After losing two back-to-back games at home, the GSW started the road trip well. Next, they will face the Dallas Mavericks in Dallas. However, Curry is unlikely to play that game. But lately, the Dubs cleared Steph to resume his on-court work as he is recovering well and speedily. 


Stephen Curry Will Resume His On-Court Activity Soon

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On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors cleared the three-point King to start his on-court activities. But he won’t play against the Dallas Mavericks. There is a chance he might return to the lineup against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday. The Dub Nation is keeping their fingers crossed. Lately, the Golden State Warriors gave an update on Steph’s current health status. The team said, “He is making good progress” after re-evaluating. Stephen Curry will join his team for practice on Friday in LA if all goes well.

Then, the team will examine him again. But before Friday’s workout, Steph will keep training in the Bay Area. As a result, Steph won’t be there in Dallas to help the Golden State Warriors against the Mavericks. But he might have an exciting return on Saturday against the Los Angeles Lakers. Every time the two greats from Akron, Ohio, face off, it is an exciting time for NBA fans. On top of that, both the Lakers and the Warriors need to maintain a winning streak to solidify their place in the postseason. 

The Warriors Talisman Hurt The Same Ankle Several Times In His Long Career

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Stephen Curry Shoe Curry 4 Source: Sports Illustrated

On Thursday, the three-point King will turn 36. But last Thursday, Stephen Curry sustained a right ankle injury quite late in the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bulls. When Curry left, the Warriors were leading 112-110. With four minutes remaining, the Bulls turned things around, defeating the Curry-less Warriors 125-122. Steph hurt his ankle while trying to score two points. Later, he limped off and headed to the team’s locker room.

Moreover, Curry missed his fourth and fifth games of the ongoing season. And both were against the San Antonio Spurs. Without the 10-time All-Star, the GSW have been 65-105 since the 2014-2015 season. In his 15-year-long and illustrious career, Stephen Curry has hurt the same ankle a number of times. There are only 18 games remaining, and the Warriors are the 10th seed in the Western Conference.

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