The Los Angeles Lakers have tried everything in their power to trade Russell Westbrook and clear out a $47.1m player option liability. However, none of the teams are really interested in bidding for Westbrook after his disappointing run last season without extra benefits. But, the Lakers are not willing to let go of their picks to get rid of the 9-time All-Star. After the Westbrook-Irving fiasco with the Nets this offseason and other team discussions, the Lakers have still not found a possible destination for Westbrook. 

Meanwhile, the Lakers also recently made things tougher for the 33-year-old after acquiring his heated rival Patrick Beverly. However, some new trade rumors have suggested that the Boston Celtics might be interested in acquiring the Lakers point guard. The Celtics have three vacant roster spots. Noah Vonleh, Bruno Caboclo, and Denzel Valentine will fight out for one spot during the training camp. 

Moreover, Boston Insider Brian Robb suggested that Justin Jackson and Brodrick Thomas might be tested during the training camp. In addition, Russell Westbrook’s name also came up during the discussion for the final roster spot. The Celtics have reportedly inquired about Westbrook’s services, considering a hypothetical trade and buyout option with the Lakers. However, Rob felt that the Celtics’ backcourt had much better options than Westbrook. 

Lakers Westbrook

Brian further stated that the Cs would not be interested in Russell Westbrook even being bought out after being traded and willing to play for veteran’s minimum. He added, “The team’s backcourt already has better options than him. They aren’t going to hand him a starting role on this team.” Meanwhile, with the addition of Patrick Beverley, things have become more difficult for Westbrook at the Lakers.

Will LakersWestbrook Lose The Active Roster Spot If Not Traded?

NBA Insider Jovan Buha has reported that the Lakers might consider taking Westbrook off their active roster even before the start of the training camp. Beverley’s arrival has made it more likely that the LA front office might send Russell away, either through a trade or sending him home as the Rockets did with John Wall last season.

Westbrook clearly did not fit in with LeBron James and Anthony Davis last season. He also has had some heated moments against Patrick Beverley. Beverley and Westbrook had a bit of an incident in 2018. At that time, police were called on the floor to keep them away from each other. However, both Beverly and LeBron James have endorsed Westbrook by taking a stand for him on Twitter. Thus, it will be interesting to see if Westbrook stays with the Lakers or if the team sends him away.