Carmelo Anthony Has No Plans To Play In The NBA With His Son Like Lakers\’ LeBron James!

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James are currently the two most experienced players in the NBA. The duo is entering their 20th season in the game and has shown some great skills and durability consistently. While most of the players average around five season-long NBA careers, Melo and Bron have been here for a long time and are likely to keep going. Both Carmelo and LeBron were teammates last year after the franchise picked up Melo for one season. James was the first overall pick For Cleveland in the 2003 NBA draft, while Denver Nuggets picked up Anthony as the third overall pick the same year. Now, both the legends have entered their late thirties and only have a few seasons left to play.

James is 37, while Carmelo is 38. And chances are that they may not continue on for the future more than a couple more seasons. LeBron is driven by the idea of achieving a unique feat in the league. While every father would have dreamed of playing with their son in the NBA, LeBron James is most likely to achieve it in 2024. The 18-time All-Star has shared his desire to play with his son Bronny James before retiring from the league. King James also claimed that he would even take a pay cut and join the franchise that picks Bronny in the 2024 Drafts.

LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony Does Not Want To Play With His Son In NBA

It looks like Anthony does not share the same aspirations as James. The former Lakers star was present at the 2023 NBA Summe League game between San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets. Melo showed up with his son Keanu, who is following his dad\’s footsteps with the aim of making it to the league.

The ten-time All-Star was honored with a selection in NBA\’s 75th Anniversary team. During the game, Melo was asked if he shares the same aspirations of playing with his son in the league as LeBron James. However, Carmelo denied that he is not looking forward to playing with his son. The 38-year-old said, \”No, I don\’t. I think it will be time for me to pass him the torch. So, I\’d rather just pass him the torch when the time comes.\”

While Melo would have liked to play with Keanu, he does not share the same influence in the league as LeBron does. Moreover, Carmelo has not won an NBA title as compared to James\’ four. Plus, he is already 38 and would probably be done with his basketball career by the time his son makes it to the league.

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