Carlos Alcaraz has taken the world by storm as the 19-year-old defeated Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic back-to-back at the Madrid Open recently. The young Spaniard has climbed up from 120th rank to the sixth position in a matter of twelve months. Carlos was sensational in Madrid as he first defeated his idol, Rafael Nadal, in the quarterfinals before taking on the world no. 1 Djokovic in the semifinals. The teenager went on to emerge as a victor in the semifinals and won against Alexander Zverev in the Madrid Open finals to lift his second Masters 1000 title.

In an interview with La Nacion, Alcaraz opened up about what he would like to steal from the Big Three of the tennis world. The young Spaniard told that he would steal his fellow compatriot Nadal’s fighting spirit and the never giving up attitude. The 199-year-old said that Nadal never gives up the ball, sacrifices himself for the game, and works really hard. Carlos added, “If I have to train three hours, I train three hours at 200% intensity.”

Further, world no. 6 revealed that he would like to adopt Roger Federer’s elegance, his variety of strokes, and his ability to put on a display during a tennis match. Moreover, Alcaraz said that he would want to have Djokovic’s elasticity and his physique. Meanwhile, when Alcaraz was asked about his limits and where he wanted to go from where he is, the teenager responded that he has no limits right now. He is not interested in putting a ceiling on himself. Moreover, Alcaraz would love to climb as far as he can go. Moreover, Alcaraz mentioned, “If it can be to heaven, even better.” 

Nadal & Alcaraz

Alcaraz Happy With being Recognized After Winning AT Madrid Open:

Carlos’ father was also a professional tennis player. The young Spaniard revealed that he is finding ways to deal with his fast-growing popularity. Alcaraz understood that his public appearances would get restricted as time went on, and he became more famous. The 19-year-old shared that he stopped at a secluded place to eat. There weren’t many people there, but they all recognized him. After defeating Nadal & Djokovic and winning the Madrid Open, he also received a grand welcome when he reached his hometown El Palmar, Murcia.


Carlos acknowledged that it would become more difficult for him to expose himself in public as time went by. However, the teenager was sure that he could expose himself when he wanted to without any doubts. The youngster realized how famous when he was becoming when he stopped at a remote restaurant on the outskirts. All the people still recognized him, and he felt good about it. Carlos Alcaraz is headed toward becoming the next legendary player in the sport.