Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe rounds the bases after hitting a grand slam. via Yankees Twitter

New York Yankees’ highly regarded prospect Anthony Volpe is living his dream with the Bombers this season. Making his major league debut at the tender age of 21, the shortstop has smacked all barriers to prove why he belongs in the big league. While Volpe struggled initially due to early jitters, he found his way back to doing what he does best.

Meanwhile, recently, Anthony Volpe hit a form slump that concerned fans and analysts alike. Despite being prompted as the leadoff hitter, the shortstop failed to capitalize on the early opportunity to put pressure on the opposition. While the fans criticized him over lost opportunities, the Yankees front office continued to back him. At last, the suffering ended as Volpe smacked a hit that instilled his name in the books of history.


Anthony Volpe Scores His First Career Grand Slam!

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe gets high-fives in the dugout after scoring a run. via Yankees Twitter

The New York Yankees took on the Oakland Athletics for the final game of the series on Wednesday. The Bombers attacked early and gained a commanding four-run lead in the first inning itself. But the show-stopper of the matchup was yet to arrive. In the bottom of the fifth inning, Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe stepped on the plate with all the bases loaded. All he had to do was just drive in a single, but the rookie had greater things in mind. A four-seam fastball off Rico Garcia landed on Volpe’s radar, who smoked it over the center-left field for a 419-ft gigantic homer and recorded a grand slam.

Anthony Volpe, the Yankees rookie of the 2023 season, surpassed Yankee legend Derek Jeter to record his first career grand slam. It took 155 plate appearances for Jeter to score his first and only career grand slam. Not only that, but Volpe is also now the youngest Yankee to hit a grand slam at Yankee Stadium and the team’s first rookie to have a grand slam to his name while playing shortstop. The 21-year-old looked ecstatic after the hit and said he knew he had launched a good hit but wasn’t sure if it would go over the line. However, the rookie was delighted with how things panned out and remained satisfied with his valuable contributions to the team’s thumping victory.

Harrison Bader, Other Yankee Teammates Heaps Praises On Volpe

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe jumps in the air with Aaron Judge after hitting a grand slam. Twitter-NYY

The historic grand slam from Anthony Volpe got his teammates up on their feet in the dugout as they stood to applaud his stellar hit. A few Yankee players shared their thoughts on Volpe’s historic feat and had nothing but inspiring words to say. Harrison Bader, the center fielder, said, “The kid’s got juice, there’s no doubt about it.” Further, Yankees captain Aaron Judge said the rookie has been performing well so far in the season, and his low average does not do justice to it.

Meanwhile, according to Aaron Judge, Anthony Volpe has been a little unlucky on the plate lately, but he is happy that the shortstop finally managed to put runs on the board with a grand slam. Further, Yankees skipper Aaron Boone too praised Volpe and said the world knows that the kid has the power and ability to hit the ball out of the park. He is slowly getting where he needs to be and will eventually turn into a consistent contributor.