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“Lewis Hamilton Will Make A Grand Comeback Soon,” Announces Former Red Bull Driver

It is known to everyone that Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was unbeatable during the turbo-hybrid era. However, in 2016 his teammate, Nico Rosberg, did beat him to win the season. Nonetheless, the seven-time champion had a roller coaster ride so far in Formula One. Nobody has won more races than him on the grid in history. But Hamilton has been struggling for more than a year now to win a race. The last year was surprisingly bizarre when he was unable to win a single race in the season.

Apparently, this happened for the first time in his career when he was not able to even compete. It is not his fault; in fact, it is the car’s fault. Mercedes failed to provide the seven-time champion with a car that is fast and smooth since the cost cap rule was introduced. Moreover, every team has faced issues with their car in the cost cap era. Albeit, Red Bull has established itself as the dominant force in the new era. However, they have not been devoid of issues with the new budget limitation rule. But most damage has been caused to Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. But the elder Briton needs the right car to tell George Russell why he is a seven-time champion.


Lewis Hamilton Will Show Russell Why He Is A Seven-Time Champion

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton George Russell
Lewis Hamilton George Russell Mercedes Source: Autoweek

As it turns out, Mercedes is unable to figure out a strategy to build the perfect car to win races and titles anymore with the budget cap regulation. But what should Lewis Hamilton do at this point? Should he leave Mercedes? Anyway, his contract with Mercedes is ending after this season. Lewis Hamilton is 38 at present, nearing the twilight of his career. What must he be thinking about his future? Meanwhile, there is no doubt that Lewis Hamilton has got a lot going on in his head at present. Furthermore, former McLaren and Red Bull driver David Coulthard believe Hamilton still has what it takes to win races and titles. All he needs is the car to talk to him and make him feel comfortable.

Moreover, Coulthard describes the difference between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in the Mercedes team. Russell has nothing better to compare W14 to, as he came from Williams. Hence, he has no such baggage as his legendary teammate. However, Lewis Hamilton has driven so many great cars that the W14 is just making it too difficult for him. He needs a car that talks to him and gives him confidence. Hamilton lately mentioned that he has been counting the days for the Imola upgrades to get W14 better. The seven-time champion needs a car that goes well along with his driving style. Only then will he be able to show Russell why and how he has won seven F1 driver’s world championships.

George Russell Is Suiting Better To W14 Than Hamilton

Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14 Source: Sky Sports

Currently, George Russell is having a much better time on the grid driving W14, especially in the qualifying rounds. Albeit, Mercedes has failed to win any races so far this season. But Russell has beaten Hamilton way more times in the Qualifying rounds as well as in a couple of final rounds. However, W14 is a pain for both drivers.

But David Coulthard might be right in suggesting why George Russell is adjusting better to W14. He even won his maiden Grand Prix in Brazil last year with a W13 car. The German team has not changed much in the W14 car. However, up till now, Mercedes has won one podium finish this season, and it was Lewis Hamilton in Australia. It was the Briton’s 192nd podium finish.