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New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge apparently went out of his way to bond with the team’s newest addition, Anthony Volpe.

Anthony Volpe is living “The Dream.” From securing a Yankee contract to acing spring training to debuting on the opening day at the tender age of 21, the shortstop has certainly raised the bar for all the upcoming newcomers. While he must have arrived at spring training with little expectations, the outcome has profoundly impacted the rookie’s life.


When the 21-year-old rookie first stepped into the starry bullpen of the New York Yankees, the captain, Aaron Judge, welcomed him in the most polite manner. Judge made him comfortable and had a long chat over his recent history. For Anthony Volpe, the gesture from Judge was a true example of elite leadership. He was in complete awe of him. Moreover, the slugger’s recent gesture has won the heart of not only Volpe but also the fans at large.

Aaron Judge Gifts A PS-5 To Anthony Volpe, Later Beats Him At FIFA 23

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Anthony Volpe has recently developed a thing for football after the Qatar World Cup. Since then, he has been playing FIFA 23 video games on his PS4 console. Meanwhile, Aaron Judge, a FIFA master himself, overheard a young Volpe discussing the game in the locker room. He wanted to challenge him for a match, but Volpe had an older version of the gaming console. Hence, the day team arrived for the Baltimore Orioles series, Volpe found a brand new PS5 console waiting for him in the ballpark.

An overwhelmed Anthony Volpe thanked Aaron Judge for the gesture and accepted the challenge. However, he failed miserably as Judge beat him at two rounds in straight games. While Volpe complained of complicated controls of the new console, the slugger termed it as mere excuses. Regardless, the shortstop is determined to beat his captain someday and will practice relentlessly to pursue the goal. Keeping the fun aside, Volpe was left awestruck by Aaron Judge’s latest gesture. He says the cap is going out of its way to bond with him and make him feel welcome. His job is just to lead the team. But the way he’s created a special bonding with not just him but the entire unit is a special trait of a quality leader, says the rookie.

A Struggling Volpe Finds Solace In Yankees Teammates

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe (Yankees) Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media

Anthony Volpe’s transition into the major league has not been up to the mark so far. The hype he created in the minor league as well as the spring training, has certainly doused. He has started all the games played so far as a shortstop and scored at .129 with three runs, four hits, five walks, and three stolen bases. While it’s just been 10 games so far out of the 162, Anthony Volpe is undoubtedly under pressure.

Meanwhile, the Yankees teammates have come to his rescue. Anthony Volpe thanked his teammates for supporting him every step of the way. He says this kind of support system is essential for a rookie like him who is struggling to find his rhythm on the plate.