Nestor Cortes
Nestor Cortes pitching in Baltimore. via @Yankees Twitter

Nestor Cortes, the New York Yankees fan favorite, rattled the Baltimore Orioles with his usual nasty pitches.

The New York Yankees took home a comfortable series win over Baltimore Orioles with a 5-3 finale victory. As usual, Captain Aaron Judge led the team from the front and scored two monumental homers. Not only that, Jose Trevino and Franchy Cordero hit one run each to take down the third series win of the 2023 season. And to add more spice to the gravy, the team’s starter for the game, Nestor Cortes, did a good job and held off the runs.


Nestor Cortes’ Sunday outing was pretty eventful. Multiple times during his five pitched innings, the Baltimore Orioles batters registered complaints regarding the pitcher’s windup and other external stuff. However, that seemed just irrelevant and just a mere tactic to rile up Nestor to destroy his rhythm. Even Nestor admitted to being disappointed over the bizarre tactics.

Nestor Cortes Asked To Change His Gloves After Orioles Batter Complaints

Nestor Cortes
via Twitter

New York Yankees pitcher Nestor Cortes made a start for the team during the series final against the Baltimore Orioles. He wore his usual gloves with the number 44 printed on them in white color. Cortes used the same gloves a few days ago against the Philadelphia Phillies. However, Orioles’ hitter Anthony Santander claimed of getting distracted by it and registered a complaint with the umpire of the same. The umpire Bill Miller, surprisingly, asked Cortes to change it.

According to the rulebook, pitchers are not allowed to use gloves that are “distracting in any way.” The incident left the fans guessing, as nobody raised any issue when Nestor Cortes played with the same glove just a couple of days ago. However, the pitcher, who was seemingly pissed off, did not protest and darkened the number 44. This wasn’t the first time Anthony messed with Nestor’s rhythm. He complained earlier that the pitcher was throwing his pitch without him being ready on the plate. In his defense, Cortes said he has been using this set of gloves since 2017, and nobody ever raised any concerns. Hence, the decision certainly took him by surprise.

Cortes, Unfazed By The Tactics, Took Home Comfortable Series Victory For The Team

Nestor Cortes
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Meanwhile, Nestor Cortes ensured to not fall prey to the Orioles hitters’ bizarre tactics. He maintained his focus and rhythm and pitched five good innings. In 91 pitches, he allowed four hits and two runs and registered five strikeouts. Moreover, Albert Abreu, Jimmy Cordero, and Clay Holmes took care of the rest and did not allow any more runs. At the end of nine innings, the Yankees won by 5-3.

With this, the Yankees registered the third series win of the season. They are poised for a terrific 2023 season. However, the constant injury concerns continue to hinder their progress. Seven pitchers officially entered the injury list this week. Hence, the depth is depleting at an alarming rate. They have to find a way to turn things around from here on.