Lewis Hamilton
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Lewis Hamilton, the veteran Formula One racing driver, joined hands with popular Hollywood actor Brad Pitt to produce a special movie dedicated to F1.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time formula one world champion, has a deep love for the sport. It’s the love and thrill of racing that drives him to extend his stay in the sport despite prolonging 16 years of dominance. Apart from racing, the Mercedes ace understands that he has a greater platform to influence society at large. Hence, he intends to put that platform to good use.


Being the only driver of black ethnicity in the history of the sport, Lewis Hamilton has often raised his voice for his community. Moreover, the constant bans and flak from the FIA never stopped him and instead ignited the fire even further. Meanwhile, the Briton had devised a new way to promote the sport of Formula One to a greater audience, and he sought the help of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt for the same.

“Snowflake” Fame Joins The Star Cast Of Formula One Inspired Movie Produced By Lewis Hamilton

Damson Idris
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Lewis Hamilton opened up his own production company called “Dawn Apollo Films” in 2022. Further, the Briton announced two untitled projects which he would exclusively produce under this new banner. One of them would be a Formula one inspired movie. While nothing has been revealed so far, it will be a story about a veteran driver who returns to racing for one last time. Moreover, the Briton has roped in a well-known Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt, for the lead role. Now, another popular actor has joined the lead star cast.

Damson Idris, best known for his roles in “Snowfall” and “Black Mirror,” has joined the star cast of the untitled movie produced by Lewis Hamilton. He would likely play the role of either Brad’s close friend or his teammate. Moreover, Damson has reportedly started working on his role by testing his driving skills on the track. The film would be shot on race weekends during the current Formula One season. Lastly, the movie directed by Top Gun Mavericks director, Joe Kosinski, would release through Apple Studios. The untitled movie remains in the early stages of development, with no set release date. However, with a talented cast and crew behind it, including the involvement of Hamilton himself, it would definitely remain one of the most highly anticipated films of the coming years.

Top Oscar-Winning Actor Wants To Be A Part Of The Untitled Formula One Movie

Lewis Hamilton
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Meanwhile, Oscar winner actor and Lewis Hamilton’s friend, Will Smith, has expressed his desire of wanting to be a part of the upcoming project. Will attended the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023 and revealed the desire during an interview. The movie is produced by Lewis Hamilton himself. Hence, Will might have a shot at it. But nothing remains confirmed for now.

The Briton strictly wants pure actors to perform in his upcoming untitled project. Presently, Brad Pitt and Damson Idris remain the only confirmed lead actors. More details will come out when the film officially goes on floors.