Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge (Yankees) (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees’ All-Star outfielder, has backed out from the adjustment he made to his hitting approach during spring training.

New York Yankees star slugger, Aaron Judge, had one of the best offensive seasons in the history of Major League Baseball in 2022. He set no foot wrong and smashed the all-time high homer record in the postseason. Moreover, the slugger was rewarded with his first-ever AL-MVP award owing to the 2022 success.


However, Aaron Judge was not fully satisfied with what looked like a perfect season. He found some room for improvement and worked accordingly on it during this year’s spring training. For starters, Judge noticed a significant jump in his strikeout rate. Hence, he decided to adopt a new approach and tweaked his stance a little bit. However, now, the slugger wants to backtrack from adjustment.

Aaron Judge Dumps His No-Stride Approach

Aaron Judge
Judge hits a first-inning home run. via @Yankees Twitter

In a surprising turn of events, New York’s most beloved Yankee, Aaron Judge, dumped his new approach. The no-stride, two-strike approach was developed by Judge in spring training as a way to combat his high strikeout rate. The approach involved Judge keeping his front foot planted and not taking a stride while holding two strikes in the count. The idea behind the approach was to help Judge better recognize pitches and make contact more consistently. Further, Judge got desired results as he hit his first spring homer with the new approach.

However, coming into the regular season, Aaron Judge had a change of heart. After hitting two homers against the Baltimore Orioles in a series decider, Judge addressed a post-game media conference and made the startling revelation. He said he was keen on adopting the approach prior to spring training and even sought the help of Paul Goldschmidt for the same. However, while it looked good in live BP sessions, the in-game experience was very different. Hence, he now wants to abandon the approach the move back to the original one, which showered him loads of success on the plate.

“That’s What Greatness Looks Like,” Reckons Boone On Judge’s Two Homer Heroics

Aaron Judge
Source: Twitter

Aaron Judge stole the show on Sunday during the series finale against the Baltimore Orioles. He hit two towering solo home runs and put the team in a commanding position. While the team went on to record the third series win, the captain vowed the crowd as well as his team. Sharing his thoughts on Judge’s run so far in the season, skipper Boone looked in complete awe.

He said from recording  1.000 OPS to recording a .300 batting average, Aaron Judge is doing everything right. Boone even went on to refer to Judge as the best player in MLB right now. Lastly, the skipper lauded the captain’s focus and hunger and reckoned that Judge shows what greatness looks like. However, as far as Judge is concerned, he’s still looking for room for improvement. The slugger remains determined to figure out a way to reduce his strikeout rate and is confident of getting it under control.