Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge (Yankees) Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees star slugger, registered one of the most successful offensive seasons in the whole of MLB.

Outfielder Aaron Judge is undoubtedly one of the best players on the New York Yankees roster. The 6-foot-7-inch outfielder has been a key contributor to the team since his debut in 2016 and nearly led the team to its 28th World Series title in 2022. Judge enjoyed immense success last season as he recorded 62 home run seasons, surpassing Roger Maris’ all-time high record.


However, to fulfill the pursuit, Aaron Judge had to alter his batting position. Aaron Boone, the Yankees skipper, promoted the slugger to the leadoff spot to squeeze off some extra at-bats. But, the move failed, and Judge had to be demoted to number 2. Meanwhile, with the new season approaching, the New York Yankees should consider dropping down Judge’s batting position to elevate his hitting chances.

Here’s Why Number 3 Is The Ideal Spot For Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge (Yankees) (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Aaron Judge majorly played at the leadoff and second spot in 2022. Further, batting second generated exceptional results for him as he received an added number of at-bats. However, this season, the slugger should consider moving down to third. While it may cost him a significant number of at-bats, it might eventually help him score better with two runners on the base. Last year he hit .307 in 336 at-bats with empty bases compared to .316 in 234 at-bats with runners on base.

First and foremost, batting Judge third would maximize his opportunities to drive in runs. As the third hitter in the lineup, Judge would come to bat with more runners on base than he would as the second hitter. Another reason for Aaron Judge to drop down to third is that opposition pitchers can exploit the empty bases situation by throwing a pitch around him. It hinders Judge’s attacking rate, which would impact his overall numbers. Hence, the best possible scenario for the slugger is to sacrifice his number of at-bats to generate more quality hits at number three.

Yankees Captain Tweaking His Foot Stance For The Upcoming Season

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge received high fives in the dugout following his home run

Meanwhile, after a remarkable season, New York Yankees’ newly appointed captain, Aaron Judge, plans to intimidate the rivals with a fresh approach. As if all things he pulled off last season were not enough, Judge has found another way to improve his swing-hit ability. Reportedly, Judge wants to reduce his two-strikeout rate, which was his only substantial weakness last year.

In the pursuit, he is seeking the help of a former National League MLP, Paul Goldschmidt. The slugger apparently wants to induct heel tap into his stance to gain more control over his swing. That is supposed to help him get a better connection with the ball. Further, Judge even tested the heel tap approach in a recent spring training outing, which resulted in his first-ever home run. Indeed, the plan seems to have worked, and the slugger looks geared up to wreak havoc for the second consecutive season.