Yankees Skipper Aaron Boone Provides Major Injury Updates On These Key Starters!

Aaron Boone

The New York Yankees fan base can finally breathe a sigh of relief as major injury updates are coming in from the camp.

The Bronx Bombers faced a major scare just a few weeks ahead of the 2023 MLB season opening day. During and before spring training, many of the key starters landed on the injury list, which sent shockwaves into the Yankee fan base as this year, the team looked more promising to win the world series title than ever. However, some positive news is coming in from the camp that might cheer up the fans temporarily.

The Yankees had already lost Nestor Cortes to a hamstring injury shortly after the beginning of the off-season. Furthermore, a few weeks into spring training, Carlos Rodon and Jose Trevino left the camp mid-way to undergo some scans after experiencing severe discomfort. While Rodon was diagnosed with a strain in his throwing arm, Trevino damaged his wrist. Meanwhile, Aaron Boone comes up with much-needed injury updates just in time.

Injury Updates On Carlos Rodon, Nestor Cortes, And Jose Trevino


The New York Yankees most hyped up and decorated acquisition, Carlos Rodon, let down the fans when he injured his throwing arm. Moreover, Aaron Boone, the Yankees skipper, has already announced his absence from the opening-day roster. However, the skipper states that the pitcher is recovering at a faster pace and will start playing catch in a few days. Moving on to Nestor Cortes, he is all set to make his spring training debut on Saturday against the Toronto Blue Jays. His hamstring has apparently healed, and he is all up and ready.

On the other hand, another pitcher, Jose Trevino, injured his wrist during spring training last week. While the wrist showed considerable inflammation, the Yankees confirmed its minor discomfort. Furthermore, Jose has started swinging again and will begin baseball-related activities sometime next week. While Cortes and Trevino are expected to return to action before the opening day, Rodon will miss several weeks as he recovers from the forearm strain. Nonetheless, the Yankees’ injury troubles have slowly started to ease off as the regular season inches closer.

Clarke Schmidt Making A Strong Case To Earn The Starter Spot In The Yankees Pitching Rotation

Clarke Schdmit
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

While the pitchers of the New York Yankees bullpen are finding new ways to end up on the injury list, Clarke Schmidt is quietly building a solid case for himself to earn the fifth starter’s spot on the rotation. On Thursday, Clarke pitched to 15 Pirates’ hitters and retired them all, including striking out seven of them. He used his newest variation, the cutters, to deceive the batter on the plate.

Schmidt is batting out to earn the fifth starter spot with Domingo German. While German stays the front-runner, Clarke’s numbers might give him an edge. On top of that, as more and more pitchers are getting unavailable for the opening day, Clarke Schmidt might hit the jackpot.