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Nestor Cortes All Set For His Yankees’ Spring Training Debut Post Hamstring Injury!

New York Yankees relief pitcher Nestor Cortes has finally recovered from a hamstring injury and will mark his spring training debut on this day.

The Bronx Bombers are reeling under constant injury concerns. Amid the tensions, they have some good news coming their way. The New York Yankees pitcher Nestor Cortes looks set to make his spring training debut in the coming days after suffering from a hamstring injury last month. He even pulled out of the World Baseball Classic 2023 to complete his rehabilitation in time.


Nestor Cortes was promoted to the Majors in 2021 after a successful minor league stint in Covid hit 2020 season. That year he pitched in 93 innings over 22 games with a 2.90 ERA and 103 strikeouts. Subsequently, the Yankees played him as a starter in 2022. However, ahead of the 2023 season, the pitcher pulled up his hamstring and remained sidelined for most of the spring training sessions.

Nestor Cortes Gearing Up For His Spring Debut This Week

Nestor Cortes
Yankees 2023 Season Preview: Nestor Cortes © Photo by New York Yankees/Getty Images

New York Yankees relief pitcher was supposed to represent Team USA at the World Baseball Classic 2023. However, a few weeks ahead of the tournament, he pulled up his hamstring while doing a jog around his house. Furthermore, the reliever prioritized the Yankees and opted out of the WBC 2023 to complete his rehab in time for the regular MLB season. Ever since he took part in multiple restricted live practice sessions throughout the training camp.

Meanwhile, the latest news is coming in that Nestor Cortes will participate in his last live practice session on March 13. Further, his spring training debut has been scheduled for March 19, wherein the Yankees face the Baltimores. Cortes’ return comes at a crucial time for the Yankees, as the team’s starting rotation has fallen due to injury issues. The Yankees’ pitching staff has been hit hard by injuries. So having a player like Cortes who can pitch multiple innings is valuable at this stage.

Cortes Confident Of Making It On The Opening Day Roster

Nestor Cortes
Nestor Cortes Yankees, Photo by J. Conrad Williams Jr./Newsday RM via Getty Images

Meanwhile, the 2023 MLB season opening day is just two weeks away. At this crucial stage, the New York Yankees are struggling to hold the starting roster together. Barring Gerrit Cole, their entire starting rotation is dealing with some kind of injury. Amid this, relief pitcher Nestor Cortes has shown a lot of confidence in getting healthy in time for the opening day.

Nestor Cortes told YES Network that he would debut on the 2023 MLB season opening day without a doubt. Moreover, Cortes stated he had practiced well all this spring training and is trying to keep up with the other pitchers. Furthermore, the pitcher is feeling fine, and the hamstring is unlikely to cause any more trouble. Nestor wants to hop on in spring training as soon as possible and get enough game time before opening day.