Anthony Davis Relieved “LeBron James No Longer Have To Carry The Lakers” As Young Guys Are Stepping In

LeBron James

After the win against the Golden State Warriors, Anthony Davis spoke about the game and said he feels relieved to shed the load of carrying the team.

The new LA Lakers is showing early signs of a never give up intent. In the very first game after the all-star break against the Warriors, Hollywood emerged victorious with a comfortable scoreline of 124-111. Looks like Rob Pelinka’s gamble of multiple trades worked in the Lakers’ favor. Just before the trade deadline, the Lakers brought in as many as three starters for the current lineup.

While the fans laid barely any hope on the new combinations, the young guns stepped up just at the right time. In the last game, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the team’s pillars, took a back seat as the young guns, Malik Beasley and Austin Reaves, stepped up. Moreover, Davis, who has been carrying the team’s weight for the past few seasons, looked finally relieved after the much-needed support.

Anthony Davis Says It Huge That Young Guys Are Stepping Up For The Lakers At Crucial Moments

D'Angelo Russell-Lakers
D’Angelo Russell-Lakers

Anthony Davis and LeBron James, the dynamic duo, had been carrying the weight of the LA Lakers for the past couple of seasons. In the ongoing season, the pair could not get substantial support from the other end. Hence, even after putting in all their blood and sweat, the team ended up losing. As a result, the situation has deteriorated so much that the Lakers are starting at a playoff elimination for the second time in a row. Still, the team has 22 games in hand from now as the season enters its final stretch.

Anthony Davis, the star power forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, recently spoke out about the team’s recent success and its impact on him and his teammate LeBron James. Davis said it’s huge that he and LeBron can finally share the team’s load and rest in the final quarter of the game with a convincing lead. Davis and James were forced to carry much of the team’s offensive and defensive responsibilities due to injuries and a lack of depth on the roster this season. However, after new faces arrive, Davis finally breathes a sigh of relief.

AD And LeBron James In Awe Of The New Lakers Line Up

LeBron James Anthony Davis

Meanwhile, during the game against the State Warriors, the new arrivals of the Lakers took the lead, and the Davis-LeBron duo took a back seat. Anthony David and LeBron James combined contributed only 24 points in the team’s final score of 124. Malik Beasley, Austin Reaves, and Rui Hachimura emerged as the lead point scorers for the game. It’s been a while since the Lakers’ fans have seen somebody other than James and Davis shine through in a game.

Furthermore, even Anthony Davis and LeBron James looked in awe of the new lineup. During the game, David and James were engaged in a conversation wherein AD said that he could not remember the last time the Lakers were up by 24 points so early into the game. To this, LeBron James responded by saying, “Never…Never.”