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Lakers Ace LeBron James’ One-Hand Alley-Oop Against Warriors Will Shock You! Check Out Fans Reaction

The Los Angeles Lakers have done a necessary makeover to make a profound impact before ending this season. They have not been acting like the top-class team that they have a reputation for in the league. Since the trade deadline, LA has been more dynamic and younger, and they showed their hunger against the Golden State Warriors. And they did it again after the All-star event week when they met the Warriors again. It is quite evident that this younger and hungrier side could make one last push to the postseason.

It is not going to be an easy journey for LeBron James, who wants to take his team to the postseason. After bidding farewell to Russell Westbrook, who is partly responsible for the Lakers’ condition, they could be back on track. The most controversial point guards, Patrick Beverley and Westbrook, were gone before the trade deadline. And younger players like D’Angelo Russell and Mo Bamba made their way to LA. Malik Beasley and Jarred Vanderbilt are another addition who started reaping fruits for the team. These new additions were majorly responsible for the two back-to-back wins against the Warriors.


And looks like this brand new Lakers squad is filling energy in all of its players. In today’s game against Golden State Warriors, the Lakers should have fabulous team spirit and laid a foundation for a strong team. The squad won over the Warriors because of one more reason, i.e., the absence of Steph Curry from the Warriors squad. However, the Lakers’ efforts in the game were top-notch. This was seen in his one-handed alley-oop. Fans are going crazy over the single-handed alley-oop that LeBron pulled against the Warriors. They are even comparing his athleticism to Michael Jordan’s ability to do it at this age. It is even remarkable that he pulled it off in an important game against a top playoff contender.


Lakers Star LeBron James Shocks Stephen Curry

The 38-year-old LeBron James has been on a roll since the season began. His age does not necessarily translate to breaks or slowing down, as he amazes everyone daily. Although LeBron James did not have much to contribute to the game, he made an incredible 3-pointer. And since James is known much for his long-range shooting, it sparked a reaction from Steph Curry on the sidelines. Overall LeBron had a very reasonable game considering his high standards in the league. All the younger and new players were having a ball. Meanwhile, another Lakers star player, Anthony Davis, had an average game.

LeBron James did not play well, but he made the headlines with his three-pointer shot which made Steph upset. Apart from the three-pointer, LBJ also made an insane one-handed alley-oop. It was surprising because the four-time champ suffered a wrist injury in the All-star game. But it does not seem to bother him as something larger is on the line. It was an important game for the two biggest teams in the league running for the playoff spot.

And this year has been a rough ride for even the best teams in the NBA. From here on, every game is a priority, as LeBron has cleared the air. He does not wish to miss another playoff. Even the changes in the team are helping them in their favor. After the trade deadline, the Lakers’ rotation has been much denser and deadly as they now possess players for every position. And the new addition Malik Beasley was on a roll as he managed seven 3-pointers to put in 25 big points for the Lakers.