Rui Hachimura & LeBron James

The new entry to the Lakers, Rui Hachimura, is an impressive talent, but he is taking a little bit of time to adapt himself to the new franchise. It is quite understandable, as Rui stayed with the Washington Wizards for four years, from 2019 to 2023. Like every player, he will need time to acclimatize to a new group. Anyways, Hachimura is Japanese. So, the American accent is not his strong suit. Albeit Hachimura has been working on his spoken English since his days at Gonzaga University. It will take a while for the Japanese to get comfortable in the Los Angeles Lakers dressing room.

The Lakers Want The Japanese To Show Aggression

But what is more important is for Hachimura to bring his A-game onto the court as soon as possible. That\’s what the team wants from him. In the game against the New York Knicks, Rui Hachimura gave everybody a hint of what he can do when he is aggressive. LeBron James also commented on Rui\’s performance, saying,

Rui Hachimura

\”When Rui got on the court for the first time for the Lakers against the Celtics, he was not playing at his best because he had no aggression. But before the start of the Knicks match, AD (Anthony Davis) told him to be aggressive. Rui precisely followed that advice throughout the game. Eventually, the result was up for everybody to see. He performed significantly better than the Celtics game.\”

LeBron James is very watchful of the youngsters coming into the team and wants the best out of them. King James proceeded to say that Rui Hachimura is cool, calm, quiet, and low maintenance. But it just does not matter what kind of person he is outside the court. What the Lakers want from him is to display the best of his abilities and skills every game, every night. This way, Rui can justify his inclusion in the team.

Rui Hachimura On His Transition To The Lakers

The hallmark of Rui Hachimura is his tremendous height. He is actually six feet eight inches tall, but Hachimura has got a wingspan of seven feet and two inches. This feature of the Japanese is a huge deal for the Lakers when he stands with the giants, Anthony Davis and King James. The Japanese Power Forward, with the two other Superstar Power Forwards, can break any defense. The Lakers are still relying too much on their point guards.

Rui Hachimura

In the last four matches, the Lakers have already experienced the trio working coherently and can prove to be a real key in the team\’s future endeavors. However, Hachimura scored only 12 points against the Knicks in the first half and did not follow with the same scoring in the next half. But he sure did stay on the court till the game finished. Staying till the end is essential to build trust with the group. According to Rui Hachimura, the transition from the Wizards, with whom he stayed for four years, to the Lakers has been \”great and not very difficult to adjust.\”                   

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